Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Republican Dow stomps Democrat Obstructionist Kaul in Havre Council Race

I just got the fantastic news that newcomer Rick Dow handily beat incumbent bumbler Bob Kaul to take the council seat for ward 3. The vote was 320 votes for Havre newcomer and unknown Rick Dow to 264 votes for Havre old timer and media hog Bob Kaul.

The city council is now made up of 4 republicans, 3 democrats and our beloved councilman Vies as the Independent. This could put some added pressure on poor Mayor Solomon as a 4-4 split in a contentious council vote will put him in the position of actually having to make decision for any tie breaking votes.

As usual the Havre Daily “News” posted an award winning slew of stories about tonight’s election. The one I like the most was the last paragraph in the Dow wins in Ward 3 story which I have copied and pasted below;
With Dow’s election, City Council will have four Republicans and our Democrats working with Mayor Tim Solomon, a Democrat. It is believed to be the first time in decades that the GOP has had so many members on council.
Do you suppose the HDN boldly proclaiming that “Our” democrats working with Mayor Tim Solomon in that last paragraph was a Freudian slip or are they actually finally admitting publically their biased allegiances to the liberal agenda?

It is a great night for Havre voters.  I will be back tomorrow to bring you the full details of this election and recent council happenings that seem to miss the paper.



  1. I find it hard to believe that Bob got 264 votes. What is the matter with people in Havre?

  2. Kiss Kiss Goodbye

    EWHH!!!!!!!!! rat hair caught in my teeth!!!!!