Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Havre’s Population in 1930

Found this interesting population chart over at GreaterFalls.com    Doesn’t seem like Havre has grown much in the last 70 years compared to some of Montana’s bigger towns.


  1. This town only grew by 55 people between 1930 and 1940? That is a pretty cool piece of history, and also looks at our growth during the Great Depression. While my great grand parents homesteaded here (as early as 1875), most have moved away. I guess that might be one of the reasons towns like Hamilton grew so much. Don't hate me because I'm a Bitterrooter (sorta. because I was born in Helena, but raised in the Bitterroot. gotta keep it in the "H"-cities). Havre has such a rich history, it is interesting that it hasn't become as well known, or populated, as places such as Helena or Missoula. I'd like to see those towns historically compete with the likes of Frank Buttrey and Jeff Ament or even Marc Mariani (there IS Larry Krystkowiak, but Marc is cool too)
    That would be another cool history lesson; "Important Figures From Havre". (yes, even Brian "Branding-iron" Schweitzer)

  2. It is interesting to note we haveonly averaging a growth rate of about 43 people a year for the last 8 decades.

    Yet we have expanded the courthouse and even added an annex. We have built a new larger highschool, middle school and have added onto the elementry schools numerous times because they "have out grown" them.

    I must have missed something