Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Is a Budget Cut Really a Cut?

I was scanning the news over at the liberal’s favorite news source CNN (so you all know it is accurate) and ran across this report about the failure of the Super Committee to reach a deficit reduction agreement.  As you can imagine the Democrats blame the Republicans and the Republicans blame the Democrats.  So what else is new except for the fact that we the taxpayers take it in the backside again?  Watch the video below and tell us what you think.

That report brought a tear to my eye. The poor guys raking in millions building military drones may take a 2-9% cut. Poor people will have the food literally taken off their plates just as they are poised to have lunch. The Border Patrol will be overrun by bad people and on and on. Even the stock market took a tumble as all the corporations’ dependant on government waste paced nervously awaiting the outcome of the Super Committee’s report.

Let’s take military spending for instance. Looking at this chart obtained over at Business Insider we see that we have doubled military spending in the last 6-7 years. Are they really trying to get us to believe that a 2 to 9 % cut will be the end of the world to the military? Similar numbers pertain to the budgets of nearly every agency in the Federal Government.  Since when is a cut to a requested increase a cut in the budget?  Spending won’t be decreased but rather the amount of the requested increase has only been decreased a trifle.  Of course the news media perpetuates this sleight of hand by running headlines that claim budgets are being cut.  That is pure hogwash!
Cut Spending! -- I for one am willing to take that chance.


  1. I have watched these budget cut headlines for years say our school budget had to be cut yet the budget grows larger and larger. Maybe they use a different type of math these days

  2. Congress doesn’t run the country but they do know how to spin the truth and lie

    They have turned over the operation of the country to czars, lobbyists, and green activists.
    Anyone heard the saying ….. The tail is wagging the dog?

  3. Perhaps we should look at this from a Montanan's perspective.

    These cuts could deeply hurt the local Montana economy. A good example, and I will never vote again for Max Baucus, is when Malmstrom was on the cutting board. Max did use his seniority to save the base, which brings in double gobs of money to the Great Falls area.

    We should also consider the hiring frenzy and buildup the Border Patrol has brought to Havre, which are good jobs. Those fed employees live here, pay taxes here, and spend their money in the local economy.

    We should also consider the large amount of money, much of it from the federal government, that our Native American neighbors spend in this community.

    This is not to mention any hope of getting the 4 for 2 thing through Northern Montana.

    The best business decision for our local area would be stoppage of corporate welfare labeled as farm subsidies. This bilking of taxpayers has gotten so bad it is a joking matter among the ag folks.

    So it is easy to jump on the fox news, koch brothers, karl rove teabagging ministry of propaganda bandwagon, but one should do so with careful consideration as these cuts will have direct ramifications in our local area.