Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Don't You Dare Kill that Rattlesnake

Sorry for the lack of attention to this blog the last week.  It is spring and we all needed a little vacation from reading news reports about what is wrong with the world.  Personally, I have discovered that reading about all the stupid ways our government and government officials waste our tax resources and hinder economic progress depresses me and I took a much needed vacation from it all.   Today’s most idiotic story is brought to you from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Image Credit: Photos.com

 It seems that some of our good environmental wacko-nuts have convinced the Federal Fish and Wildlife Service that the highly venomous eastern diamondback rattlesnake is getting close to extinction and should be listed as an endangered species. In 2011 the Center for Biological Diversity filed a petition to add the rattlesnake to the endangered species list.
“Survival of these snakes in large part depends on whether people continue to persecute them or instead choose to allow these amazing creatures to share the land with us,” said Bill Matturro of Protect All Living Species. “In the Southeast, we are blessed with a rich natural heritage of animals and plants. All of these species — even the rattlesnakes — should be allowed to exist.”
Isn’t this story heart-warming.? A nasty creature that has wrecked havoc on the country since clear back in the Garden of Eden has a fan club protecting them from “persecution” and on your tax dime to boot. So when you encounter a rattler this summer be sure and keep in mind the poor folks that want to save the rattlers before you whack them with your shovel.

The Midwest Fish and Wildlife Website (take note of the date of publication) was advocating the protection of snakes since way back in November of 1999 which has to lead me to believe that some of our government paid officials are intertwined with some of these outrageous environmental groups that are pushing for all these nonsensical agendas. Be sure and read the linked stories about this drive to protect the snakes at the links in red above.

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  1. Stop to think how many government jobs this would create. People to study the impacts, people to count to see if it is effective, people in the field to enforce a new listing, people to prosecute the offenders, medical people to treat snake bites and don't forget all the greenies that will be hired by the greenie goups to watchdog all of the above people.

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