Tuesday, May 8, 2012

North Dakota Personal Income Up 78%

According to the Grand Fork Herald North Dakota’s per-capita personal income has increased over 78% since 2000. The increase move North Dakota 38th in personal income to 9th in the nation. Of course politicians like Governor Jack Dairymple said in a press release that this is proof “our policies for economic growth are working” Leave it to a politician to try and take credit for something that has fell in his lap. I wonder if he is related to our governor?

To give credit where do however it is the business friendly climate of North Dakota that has not stood in the way of the development of their natural resources that is bringing this boom to their state. Aren’t you glad we have no such policies in Montana? We like to talk about supporting new jobs (both political parties) but really deep down we like the environmentalists long-range goal of making the whole state some sort of protected Federal Park.

Read the article at the Grand Forks Herald
H/T to Northern Broadcasting for pointing out this story

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