Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Havre GOP Kicking Off for 2012 Elections

I just noticed this weekend that the local GOP has again opened an office next to the Hank Tweeten Auto Body shop.  This is the same office they used last election to head up their election efforts that resulted in historic GOP victories in the Havre area.  What we found unusual last time was the total lack of effort on the local Democrats part to even try and retain any seats in what is typically a Democratic strong-hold.  Seems kind of early to open an office for local candidates but it is apparent the local GOP is not going to take anything for granted and have hit the ground running.

Anyone heard if the local Democrats are planning on hibernating thru the election again this year?  Let us know what they are up to at havredailycorrector@gmail.com and we will report to our readers.


  1. I assume that just like always, the Democrats will set up thier camper at the prime spot at the entrance to the fair again this year. It seems like they never have to compete to get that space. The other benifit the Democrats have are groups that vote in loce step every election for the Dimocrats. They also benefit from double voting in Hill county and other surrounding districts. The Democrats benefit from voter fraud every election. It's why the Democrats are fighting Voter ID laws so hard. The republicans have to fight every election for the scraps of Hill County.

  2. I predict that Max Baucus will try to buy support for his 2014 primary against BS by paying for some kind of staff to scrape up every low information voter from here to Seattle.