Friday, May 11, 2012

Senator Tester “Blowing Smoke”

Have you seen the great new ad from Senator Jon “No Ear Marks Ever” Tester?  You surely remember the guy:  he has been our transparent Senator for nearly 6 years now and he was the guy that said he was going to clean up the culture of corruption on K-Street, end the wasteful practice of ear-marking, and wasn’t going to be bought and sold by the evil lobbyists.  Don’t forget that the Center for Responsive Politics lists old Jon-boy as the number one recipient of lobbyist funds and reports that he received over $875,000 from the banking and real estate industry in 2011 – the very same guys he said he was going to get “under control” for the well-being of us peons back home.  Of course that promise was 6 years ago and a feller sure might change his mind just a few days after winning election back in 2006!


  1. Pack of lies from the king of liers. He has been officially bedded by the DC lobbyists for cash

    What do you call someone that climbs into bed in exchange for a cash payment?

  2. You have to check with the secret service to see what they call them Freddy. I call them HO’s

    It does seem like a bit of a stretch when Jon claims to have cracked down on lobbyists in the campaign ad and then shows up on the list as the leading beneficiary of lobbyist cash over all the other elected officials