Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Many West Virginia voters prefer Federal Inmate over Obama

Federal Prisoner Keith Judd
It appears our Dear Leader had a bad run of luck during yesterday’s primary elections. Substantial numbers of Democrats failed to show support for President Obama in every state voting yesterday. The most laughable embarrassment for the Democrats occurred in West Virginia where a man incarcerated in a federal prison in Texas won 40% of the presidential primary vote. It would seem that Dear Obama is not nearly as popular as some of my Democrat friends have been telling me. Prisoner Keith Judd was sent to the federal pen for making threats at the University of Mexico back in 1999. Apparently 40% of Democrats would rather see a convict become president when faced with the alternative of 4 more years of this failed administration.

The part I personally like the best is the fact that this great showing by Judd qualifies him to send a delegate to the Democratic National Convention to cast a ballot on his behalf right from the convention floor. (on national Television too) I wonder how the apologists at the Democrat Party are going to spin this great news?

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  1. In 2008 Democrat primary election, Hillary Clinton whipped Obama by a whopping 67% to 26%. West Virginians just never have liked Obama. It is no surprise about the convict getting within 10% or so of Obama this election. It says, however, more about the Voters than it says about Obama.

  2. John - Unless you are a good partisan Democrat and don't like what the titular head of your party is doing to your country. Come November, how many of those 40% are going to hold their nose and vote for Obama anyway? Or, cross the magical threshold and for the first time in many of their lives, vote for a Republican.

    Will be interesting to see.

  3. Already saw a talking head say it happened because West Virginia is racist.

    That makes sense to good democrats. Everything is either racist or Bushes fault

  4. One has to wonder how many would vote for the convict rather than the Rominee.

    He is utterly unelectable. Period.

    I think it is more of a math problem than a political one. 99% of the voters against the money of the 1%. I dont even think Karl Rove could save this one for the GOP and they are going to be losing congressional seats and governorships around the nation.

  5. Keep dreaming DeCon! As you prepare for the end of the GOP as you know it, Obama's numbers continue to tumble. Not good for an incumbent to be under 50 at this stage in the game.

  6. Voters are disgusted with all of all the politicos including republicans but they actually despise some of our elected democrats like our president. Max wrote a bill he didn’t read, Jon voted the deciding vote on the forced healthcare tax and is a phony as zirconium jewelry, Denny likes to drink and make a spectacle of himself but at least doesn’t vote against what Montana voters support like the other two. I have already voted the primary ballot for those I think are the least apt to damage us further.

  7. Sorry. It appears I have wandered into this GOP corral by mistake. I'll scrape the &#@%! off my boots and move on. Good luck to everyone in November!