Wednesday, October 7, 2009


It was announced in tonight's paper that 2 CTEP projects were presented to the City council by the Bear Paw Development Corp totaling $345,424. One project was for sidewalks around the Atrium downtown and the other was for a new sidewalk and planters around the Ryan building which incidentally houses the Bear Paw Development Corp. The problem is that they only have $185,204 available.

It is also prudent to note that both of these properties are privately owned, and personally I have a problem with spending tax dollars on improving private property. To get this CTEP money the private businesses are being required to pay 3.42% of the project costs themselves or a total of around $6,334. The City Streets and Sidewalk committee wisely voted to postpone appropriating the money for these two projects.

Earlier this summer I had a dream of replacing the sidewalks and a section of driveway to my private home but when the bid I received from a local contractor came in at over $15,000 I postponed my aspirations due to a lack of funds. According to this CTEP formula my out of pocket expense would only be a mere $513 if my little job received CTEP funds. Why is my private home any different then a private investor owned downtown building? In my opinion it is just not right to use tax dollars for the improvement of someone's privately owned investment property.

Folks, now is your opportunity to apply for CTEP funds for something that will benefit all taxpayers instead of those that happen to be buddies with someone at City Hall or at the Bear Paw Development office. The City Streets and Sidewalk committee meets again on October 13th at 5:30 pm to discuss this further.

Call your council people and make yourselves heard on this issue!

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  1. I would hope that they would use some of the funds to work on the "college hill" before the snow really flies. They did a nice job on tenth street and the "s curve" but the shape of the hill is bad now and we will have another rough winter where you could lose a small car in a pothole going through Highland Park.