Wednesday, October 7, 2009


FYI - The following was copied from the Havre Chamber of Commerce BBB weekly e-mail

413 SE 4th StreetLaurel, MT 59044406-628-3033 Matthew Gallagher, Owner

This company's BBB accreditation was revoked by the Ft. Worth TX BBB on June 28, 2009, and currently has an F rating. The company is currently operating in the state of Montana. For a full report on this owner and his past activities with BBB, read the report at:
Consumer complaints allege dissatisfaction with services received and product quality. Complaints also allege the company will not honor the written contract warranty for needed repairs. The company has responded to complaints but some complaints remain unresolved and unanswered.
The BBB warns homeowners to do their homework before hiring a paving company. Itinerant asphalt/paving dealers can always be active in the area, especially during the spring and fall.
Be aware of paving companies that approach your home, stating that they are "in the area" and have extra asphalt or concrete to repair your driveway for a minimal cost. Many times the company will quote a low price for their work and upon completion overcharge the customer. The BBB also notes that contracts are not always provided prior to the work being performed and that many jobs are poorly done and incomplete.
The BBB advises consumers to research all options thoroughly and not be pressured into signing a contract or agreement before all terms and conditions are clearly understood.
For tips on finding a reputable paving company visit

Thank you,

Coleen Smith Director of Accredited Business Relations- Montana

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Toll-Free: 800-356-1007 (Spokane)
Fax: 406-227-3775
Email: Start With Trust

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  1. Why would anyone hire this outfit?

  2. The same people stupid enough to hire American Police Force?

  3. These guys are fly by night and will quote you what ever price it takes to get your money. I have heard though that they are buyin g the black top fro Bill baultrush

  4. We had heard he was buying from Baltrush. We also heard that he refused to sell to them when he saw what they were doing and they trucked the mix from Greatfalls, which when half-cold, should make for some short lived paving jobs.

  5. Gallagher Paving has no complaints in Montana and it looks to me that jealous competitors and the Spokane BBB is on a Witch Hunt, Bill Baltrush has been monoplozing the area for years and if you ask me ( and MANY others ) this is just a further attempt to run another contractor out of town so he can continue to keep his chokehold on the community. Last time I checked this was America and people were allowed to spend theyre money however they see fit without it being used against them by the city counsel when they ask for assistance replacing CITY sidewalks that should have been replaced years ago.

  6. Gallagher's paving trucks are tarped and insulated and could truck the hot mix asphalt 2000 miles and it would be better then any asphalt in havre,mt . My guess is that maybe there will be a retract in the paper clearing gap and maybe exposing baltrush construction. I guess time will tell , not stepping on no one shoes just trying to help everyone in havre.

  7. I put a call in to baltrush about 1 year and 3 month's ago to get a little driveway paved . I finally got a call back from them after gallagher's paving was done and they happens to drive by, I am just a old railroad worker for 36 years so I may not no much but I am proud of somebody standing up to a old munipulateing bill Baltrush and company.

  8. Gallagher PavingOctober 22, 2009 8:05 PM

    Well that quote from the Havre Daily Corrector sounds alot like a message left on a customer answering machine from Mr. Bill Baultrush. The facts are this: Gallagher Paving is State Licensed and has completed every job per contract. We have an office in Texas that has had 7 complaints in the past 36 months 5 of which are closed and two we are in the process of correcting. We have hundreds of customers and the complaints make up a small percentage of our customers and the Spokane BBB has initiated a smear campain. We have had absolutely no complaints in Montana and this article and this blog is both slanderous and unjust. The truth is that Baultrush refused to sell asphalt before we ever completed a job in Havre not because " He seen what we were doing" but because he is greedy and afraid of a little competition. Its amazing what a little competition will stir up after having a stronghold on the area for decades. We have spoken with other local contractors that he has behaved in the same manner and obviously feels if he runs everyone out of town it makes his business suceed. Bottom line is that we didnt hide the fact we had Texas roots " Our Business card has the address and phone number in Texas ". We have done absolutely nothing to deserve this slander and ask that anyone wanting to know the truth call us directly. We are easy to find!

  9. Once those big red trucks rolled into town,the person's in havre got all there parking lots and driveway's done and that's the bottom line. Baltrush you are the sc

  10. I think the asphalt work done in Havre by Galleghers looks great. Take a look at some of it and then compare it to recent Bill Baltrusch jobs. Baltrusch jobs look like some of the asphalt is missing. I don't have room here to adequately discuss the concrete that Bill Baltrusch has sold in this town. His concrete only lasts about 10 years. The good concrete comes from Rock Solid now.

  11. matt gallagher is from whitesettlement,tx.he is part of a clan of travellers who move around the country running paving scams.the daleys,carrolls,gormans,johnny toogood ,harry t.riley to name a few are bad news.harry riley recently arrested for beating a ww2 vetern with a crow bar and then robbing him.johnny toogood's wife was caught beating her child in the back seat of her made national news.these people are bad news.if they knock on your door,call the law.all these family names have long rap sheets in different states. tom carroll,james daley,ted daley,george stanley,are just a few of scammers.use your computer to find out about them.example:asphalt paving/harry t.riley.inform your community about the groups.

  12. They are now operating in Alberta Canada doing fly by night work on small driveways when ever they can get enough cash out of unsuspecting customers,this company is nothing more than a bunch of shifty scammers!! moving from town to town doing shoddy work. they should be shut down and chased back to Texas!!!