Thursday, October 8, 2009


Monday night the Havre City Council agreed on a budget that included $15,000 to be put into an escrow account for the North Central Montana Transit System with the stipulation that Hill County had to match the same amount. Hill County Commissioners agreed with that request and have promised to do just so.

Today, the HDN quoted Mayor Bob as saying the $15,000 set aside by the City would only be paid to the Transit System when and if Opportunity Link, Hill and Blaine Counties, Fort Belknap and Rocky Boy’s Indian reservations and MSU-Northern also give money. These groups earlier signed an agreement to give if the others followed suit. Some of these groups have donated and some have not so is the Mayor now trying to change the intent of the Council to withhold the money?

Interestingly the $15,000 given, if it in fact is ever given, represents just one dollar and twenty cents out of every thousand dollars in the Havre's current $12,541,000 budget.

The County match was the only stipulation at the Monday night Council vote. What has changed between Monday night’s council meeting and today’s paper Mr. Mayor?


  1. I don't think we should give it any money AT ALL. I think it's crazy to offer free trips to Great Falls so people can take their shopping money out of the area...and it says in small print that a nominal charge will be asked but so far the trips are free. It's just another stupid giveaway program. I agree that we need a public transportation system, but I think everyone who used it should pay something.

    We have to pay insurance and license fees and gasoline taxes when we fuel up our cars. If you don't own a car you are not paying road use taxes or license fees. The reservations do not require insurance and driver's licenses but the drivers are not restricted to staying on the reservation. It's just not right. Read how many uninsured motorists there are in the court cases each week.

    It's time to require people to pay for what they use instead of offering hand-outs and giving the transportation system $15,000 is just that. They should have bought 16 passenger vans at a much cheaper price. They overspent money they didn't have and now want the taxpayers to support another giveaway program most of us will never use!

  2. I agree with Anonymous! I am tired of paying for everyone else to have something for nothing. What is wrong with people paying to ride the bus? Is this a business or not? I would like to know the types of people that are riding the bus.