Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Yea right! I think most Havre people enjoy doing business in Havre with reputable people that they have grown to know and trust. While we all make purchases out of town in our various travels I think the bulk of the community supports the local Havre businesses. Why is it then that recently some of the local business community choose to hire a fly by night out of area paving contractor to do their parking lots and various paving jobs? Is not there a local contractor that handles paving work? Did these people even give a chance to bid on the work before contracting with this out of area hit and run paving contractor? Some of the people I asked said that they just thought the price was good and didn't even bother to check locally.

Shame on these same business people that in turn expect the rest of us to only buy at home from them. I must say, I can hardly blame a person for going to an out of town business to make a purchase when this is what our local business people do to each other.

Wake up Havre business people!


  1. I agree with you. How many jobs did these guys do in Havre?
    1. The Office equipment Parking lot.
    2. Tom Keller got his neighbors to go together and pave their alley in Highland Park.
    3. Dee Heltne, former owner of Heltnes service station

    Any others anyone saw?

  2. Yes, there were at least a couple of driveways done in Highland Park other than the alley behind Tom Keller's house.

  3. Out of town contractors wouldnt have been hired if the local paving guy wasnt a crook!

  4. Some of the problem with hiring a local contractor to do these jobs is that they are just to busy to get to the little jobs and honestly they aren't out there trying to sell thmselves. When was the last time you saw any advertising from the locals? Personally I always prefer using local businesses.

  5. I agree with the statement that we wouldn't have to look out of town "if the local paving guy wasn't a crook". Drive past some of the work our tax dollars paved to Bill Baltrusch - talk to his employees about how he has them "CUT CORNERS". I am saying the guy from out of town is any better but could he be any worse. I resent my tax dollars being wasted locally by unsupervising city employees pushing it off as someone elses job to make the contractor follow specs. If we get a better deal and/or better work by going out of town then lets go!

  6. There was a lot of paving done in havre mt by gallaghers and I will make you a promise that we used very hot mix with a lot smaller rock in the mix and will last a lot longer. The only pepole that is making a big deal about my companey is related or in kahoots with the all the bull shit going on in havre it's amazing that every yard of concrete that baltrisch sold is Broke apart in 7 years every one is happy with are work and if there not your blog is making it hard to set up shop and try to make it right. They should post a blog about bill baltrush calling dot and border patrol because he can't handle a little competition he should of got of his ass and got the jobs we did. Jeolousy sucks.

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