Friday, October 16, 2009

Transit System Update

It appears even the "Local" Transit system can't resist the impulse to buy out of town. Note the delivery from a Ronan, Montana towing company. Is there not any car dealers in little Havre, Montana?

I especially got that warm fuzzy feeling when I saw the now infamous Government Recovery emblem affixed to the rear of our new vans, AKA the "I love Obama" for you republicans in the crowd. I do have one question about a statement Mayoral candidate Solomon made during the forum regarding this Transit System. He said he was willing to support this transits system until it became self sufficient and while I admit I am not a great businessman I do seem to remember from econ 101 that you need some sort of revenue to make money. How will this system ever be self sufficient when their customers all ride for free? I think it goes income less expenses equals profit but we appear to only have the expenses part so far in this enterprise. Anyone care to explain this to me?

1 comment:

  1. That government recovery emblem at first glance looks like Obamas campaign emblem. Coincidence????????