Thursday, October 8, 2009


Just a couple of years ago our local Mayor touted the fact that he was the "Getter Done" Mayor and proclaimed that he had just aquired a nice shiney Vacuum Truck to enable the City crews to more efficiantly pickup leaves and yard debris. This service was claimed to be for the convience of the taxpayers.  Furthermore, the vac would save the City money because they would no longer have to pickup by hand from the alleys also not have to deal with plastic leaf bags at the dumping site.

The City just announced that due to budget constraints and the poor condition of that "shiney" Vac truck the City Public Works Department will not have a loose leaf pick-up service this year.

Our "Getter Done" Mayor has in fact made some accomplishments in his tenure, but he dropped the ball on this one.


  1. Please tell me why Mayor Bob is buying equipment for the city anyway. Someone who has knowledge of equipment and whether it runs or not should be doing the purchasing. "Shiny" does not get the job done. Since we can't use the darn thing then it should be at least parked somewhere and flowers planted in it. Pretty expensive planter though. Who all knew he was buying this or is this just another thing he did without anyone knowing about it.....

  2. I sure miss that Vac truck. I spent the whole weekend bagging and toting leaves to the alley