Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Is Your Child an EMO?

This was sent to us by a parent of students at our middle school.

Have you ever heard about a group of students calling themselves the Emo? This group is in the Middle School as far as I know, maybe even in the High School. They are supposed to be a Goth group, talk mostly about death and why the world is such a horrible place to live. They talk nothing about positive stuff just negative. They do cutting to themselves also. I only just heard about this group because my son, 6th grade, started trying to cut himself in school. His best friend that he grew up with is in it or trying to get in, so he is also following along. The school when called did not know anything about this group. My son in the 8th grade knew about them, this group has been around for awhile. It is scary that the school doesn't know anything about this. These kids are trying to hurt themselves. They get depressed because all they hear and talk about is death and negative stuff. Why hasn't this group been stopped, or at least parents warned that their kids might hurt themselves. With all the suicides in Havre with young kids, this shouldn't be ignored.
There is a fair bit of information on the internet regarding this group which is often confused with the Goth groups. Goths usually dress in black and wear black and dark makeup. There is no set dress for an Emo. We at the Corrector confess that while we have heard of Goth we have never heard of such a thing as an Emo but upon further research it apparently appears to have quite a following. Have any other parents’ experiences with this group?  Is there a following here?  Are there concerns?


  1. Is this post for real? The "Emo" movement has been around since at least the early 2000's.

    Wow. Thanks HDC for bringing up a serious threat! A bunch of teens listening to screamo music and hating their lives. Since teenagers have it so hard, with their parents buying them everything their heart desires.

    Why isn't there a post on something more important, like the fact that there were more than 10 girls pregnant in the high school last year and sixth grader was pregnant as well.

  2. I hadn't heard of them dandelion but maybe a parent should be concerned if their child was cutting himself or running with something that was a bad influence. If you know more about the "Emo" movement do tell me

  3. I see on your profile dandelion that you say you are 23. I am way, way past that so could you "educate" me about this? I have grandkids that will be in the middle school soon

  4. hahahahhaa this is the funniest thing i have ever read!!! Emo kids have been around for a long time. They dont really cut themselves. They just act sad. People tell these kids to go cut themselves because they act so pathetic and dark when they are really just spoiled kids who listen to crapy music. Its kind of an inside joke. People get offended if you call them Emo. The cut themselves thing doesnt really happen. Emo is kind of the new punk. Just darker. And the boys wear girl pants. If your kid is trying to cut himself then hes weird and not happy. Councle that one! Is this post for real???? Is this a friggin joke? haha This is not a problem its just kids acting and dressing funny.

  5. Dont worry Freddy! Your Grandkids are safe. Keep them off the drugs and make sure they get an education and they will be just fine.

  6. I wish my lawn was Emo.......

    Then it would cut itself.

  7. This is not a big scary movement, for gosh sakes this has been around for a long time. It is just a way of kids expressing themselves and is short for emotional. It is not necessarily goth, although some choose to where dark hair and eye makeup. There is a great video on you tube that I think will put it into great propective for all, called "Emo Fight" by nanadrews productions. Not only does it nail it, it is also really funny. Expand your minds people, thanks for the opportunity to educate the people of Havre, sometimes we get pretty sheltered living in a small town. Guess thats what I like about it too!

  8. "The Emo" - heh. "emo" has been around for a few years - it's not a group, it's not a movement - it's just a label applied to certain teens/young adults who are fall somewhere between "apathetic" and "empathetic." In my experience (and my teen's), they are not dangerous to themselves or others.

    And what does the e-mail writer mean about "With all the suicides in Havre with young kids"? Has there been a spike or rash of such?

  9. Emo has been around for a while. I think it's mostly harmless but some do cut. I think they are the exception to the rule, but some do.
    I have know several kids who were and they were basically normal kids with a rebellious spirit. One way to tell the Emo boys is that you would swear they are gay with the girls pants and make up but they aren't.

  10. However, if the middle school isn't aware of Emo, they need to pay a lot more attention.

  11. I am not surprised that the middle school was not aware.

    I went through this school system and it is ridiculous. It gets worse in high school too.

    But hey, the police is having Vandersloot id students off videos from walmart that show alleged shoplifting. Not surprising they don't know about an "emo" group of kids, since they definitely don't have students best interests at heart.

  12. There are some popular misconceptions about the EMO thing.

    First of all, all EMOs are all young conservative republicans. They fondle themselves thinking about Bill O'really and comedian Rush Limbaugh.

    They are often part of the teabagger movement, often with sidearms. They like tattoos, sometimes misspelled and usually involving the Harley Davidson Company/ or the words "Keep on Truckin"

    The older ones enjoy growing really stupid sideburns, usually the pork chop type that meet the mustache.

    EMO's worship Sarah Palin for her deep intellect. They like catchy political slogans like "Dont mess with Texas."

    They believe in shooting people that appear mexican or have the word "choice" anywhere on a bumper sticker.

    There are many of them at the Junior High and the High School.

    I hope this clears up some of the questions...

  13. Decon,
    I guess when you have nothing intelligent to say, just use the old standby attack Palin, conservatives & the tea party. That will make sure libs get a woody.

  14. There are plenty of intelligent conservatives out there who think the Tea Party is misguided and Sarah Palin is a twit.

    And no "thinker" I did not get a "woody" writing that. Thanks for the intellectual post, though. You've truly advanced the debate.

    (Okay that's a lie but you will get a better county attorney)

  15. I love the people that comment on this blog. They constantly rant and rave, bitch and moan and incessantly complain about the bloggers and accuse them of being “tea baggers” or various other things. Now it seems that someone has sent the blog a little ditty about something that may be happening with the school and you hateful people all come on and make fun of them or as DeConstructor always does, twist it to some political party thing. I notice she didn’t say anything at all about teacher Snider’s disgusting poem so you are not even credible in my book

    Did anyone ever consider that some parents actually love their kids and want to learn more about what is happening among the child’s peers and at school? It is absolutely disgusting how brainless some of you can be with these comments. No wonder people with even moderate intelligence never participate in these discussions

    Grow up everyone and cease with all the put downs

  16. Did anyone consider that a young child like a 6th grader might actually ger caught up in something like this if everyone was thinking it was cool?

    As a parent I know what this parent is going thru as I have been there myself. There is not a worse feeling than not knowing for sure if your child is attacted to something that could end up being harmful

  17. Actually Deconstructor did comment on the blog about Snider's poem.

    And I am of the belief that if you have a good relationship with your children, love them, and trust them, they will come to you and say "hey mom/dad, I am hanging out with this new group of kids and this is what they are into"

    And before you judge this new group of friends, meet them! They might actually turn out to be good kids! My cousin considers himself to be "EMO" and he is one of the smartest, most respectful, and fun people I know. And his friends are pretty decent too, and I know this because I met them before I judged them.

    And for the record, I was considered "different" in high school. But I graduated with a high GPA, went to college where I also did very well, and have been pursuing my goals quite fervently.

    That is why I do not take a parent being concerned that their kids friends being "emo" seriously. Meet these kids first, meet the kids' parents, show your child you trust them, and they probably won't do anything dangerous.

  18. Stephen,
    I agree that many intelligent conservatives think that the Tea Party is misguided and Palin is a twit. Many intelligent liberals think Obama is misguided and that Biden is a twit. While I do get a chuckle out of how worked up her opponents get about Palin, I don't want to see her as a candidate in 2012.
    I was simply making a stupid response to a stupid post by decon who can twist anything around as a excuse to bash conservatives.
    Suzy is right. It's pretty silly to use every topic to bash others. The original story was a legitimate post wanting to find out information they were concerned about with their child. And dandilion, I too know some very intelligent Emos who are perfectly well adjusted, normal kids. But a good parent wants to find out what they don't know-like the person in the story did.

  19. Agreed SusyQ & Thinker. Nothing wrong with questioning something potentially harmful to our children. And as a parent, I can tell you, you can never be 100% sure what's going on in your offsprings' lives nor can you always keep up with the latest fad or trend. So, a diligent parent is a good parent.

    (This of course is a lie but you will get a better county attorney.)

  20. im 13 i dont know if im emo but i mostly wear black i cut myself and all i can think about is how horiable my life is. i feel like no one cares . emo is not a trend you cant deciede it just happens . my best friend died when we were 7 and on chrismas . my life seems like it would never get better . i still feel all alone but for me cutting helps . i feel like the pain of my life starts to vanish . i know its a risk to our help but the one who just say thier emo and cut them selves are wannabe losers . I still dont know if its right or wrong but if you yell at your child about it they wont listen . i know i wouldnt . And if they dress in black listen to screamo and other heavy metal bands doesnt meann they are emo. they could be goth acid punk , punk , punk rocker and they will get mad if you call them emo and their not