Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Trethewey’s ACLU accomplice --- Professor John Snider

Ever wonder what our tax dollars are buying us at the university level aside from defending ourselves from ACLU suits over pray at graduation and the like? The Corrector has thus far left Threthewey’s accomplice John Snider off the hook but this tip needs to be published. One of our esteemed readers has pointed out to us one of John Snider’s favorite websites he uses to keep himself informed so he can pass on “factual” news to his impressionable young students. Be sure and click on the links to see just what are used as "factual" sources of information in your child's education.

We are just guessing here but this wonderful poem published on this subversive website by our beloved professor must make the parents that are shelling out their life savings to educate their kids at a university full of hate-mongers and anti-Americans feel warm and fuzzy all over.

The following was written by John Snider, Professor of English, Montana State University Northern— Havre 265-4188 office

Outside, Looking In

Not One of the Gang


You are not one of the gang.
You are not a regular fellow.

Confess, at least, to yourself that you hate regular fellows. You do not care if the home team wins.

Secretly, you despise yourself for standing when the flag is raised.

You do not think that your home town is any better or any different from any other home town.

You hate parades.

You know the mayor lies and the alderman lies and the senator lies and the college president lies and the priest and minister lie.

You know the policeman is not your friend, and lies as well.

And late at night you see them all gathered, and not in your dreams but for real, behind the courthouse sodomizing a child and then setting her aflame, all so they can have enough light to read the evening papers.
John Snider lives in Havre, Montana. He can be reached at: snider@msun.edu

Source:  http://www.counterpunch.org/snider08262005.html
Links at counterpoint: http://www.counterpunch.org/links.html
Picture:  MSU-Northern website

Another Edgar Allen Poe he ain't, but still a literary genius in his own right

I wonder if this was a University approved article? I see Snider proudly used the MSU e-mail to submit the article. Did he also write it at work? Better call the ACLU and see if any student’s rights have been infringed upon.


  1. Looks like you guys found the "teabaggers" national anthem.

  2. I remember college being a place where one's beliefs were challenged, growth was found, and one learned to think outside of their narrow minded box.

    I went to a fairly liberal college, and I had a lot of professors preach "pinko" ideals to me. Some I agreed with, some I did not. I learned what I believed politically and what I did not.

    I had a Baptist, extremely conservative friend who I went to college with. I am sure she could have made a fuss over some of the liberalogy we heard on a daily basis. However, she chose to stay on top of current events, keep her ideals in tact, and turned the tables on the professors more than a few times.

    So trying to debunk a professor who ideals you don't agree with because he is a liberal and posts liberal poetry is kind of ridiculous. If you are uncomfortable with his teachings, don't take his classes. Or stand up to him. Send him an email, he is obviously advertising it, and tell him what you think.

    Last time I checked, all college students are adults, and if they don't agree with something, they are allowed to speak their mind.

    And if they aren't, then that is a much more serious issue that needs to be addressed than a poem put on a public site.

  3. The point you are missing is that we the taxpaying people are the one's that foot the bill. Why should we keep quite when this garbage is being spewed to our kids and the guy said he doesn't even like to stand and respect the flag?

    I am glad the Corrector posted this and it is true the guy is against everything America was founded upon

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  5. and to add to dandelionflame's great post I would say that at least Mr. Snider has the balls to sign his name to his work...a lot more than I can say for the "editor" (or copy and paste master) who runs this right wing slander rag. Again and again the Corrector/tabloid writer, and a host of its bloggers choose to attack any person of the Democratic party on a very personal level. Take a look at some of the other blogs and you will see childish name calling and a plethera of he said, she said. Does the "editor" even bother asking for a comment from the people it chooses to attack...ie Mr. Snider or Mrs. Trethaway? As I have stated, I don't think it is abnormal or wrong to use a pen name to blog, but once you wish to name names and make personal accusations, it seems only fair to sign your damn name to it, cowards. You won't see any negative personal comments about anyone from me on this blog. If I wanted to call someone out by their actual full name I would sign my name!! In fact I once called the editor as I believe him to be Mr. L instead of writing his full name. #1. I don't have any proof that it is a man with that initial, it is just what I think (and I might add he has never denied it) #2. If I wanted to write his name, I would feel obligated to sign my name.

  6. superman...prove it!! I want transcripts or a friggin FACT or two. I see the poem, what is it about? I went to Northern and had Janet for many of my classes, I do not recall Mr. Snider. I wasn't much into politics in my college years, but I had several professors and do not recall EVER hearing any political talk in my classes, either from the right wing or the left. Maybe you Bible thumpers are irritated by the subject for which Janet teaches...the evil Sex Education. Oh yeah thats right...I'm sure you good ol boys and dainty girls are all about the "teaching" of Abstinance only, or basically not teaching anything to your kids at all.

  7. These kinds of articles suck. College students are not kids (especially at Northern).If you dont like his ideology then dont take his classes or do. Pretty simple.

  8. Red … you call everyone a coward yet you don’t sign your name and when you accuse someone by their initials it didn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that you where accusing a fairly well known person but still didn’t sign your name.

    I happen to think you are Mr. V but you don’t hear me calling you on the phone with accusations and then saying “it must be so because you never denied it” Are you a coward too? Or just an elitist that is above all us low class people that toil for the corporate man as slaves each day?

    As far as the poem goes do you think an instructor writing about sodomy of a child and then setting them on fire in an alley is something to make me want to enroll my daughter at this school?
    And you must have been asleep if you never heard any political talk. My daughter even used to tell me about a substitute teacher at the HS that regularly blamed every problem in the world on things that happened in the Reagan days. She wasn’t that interested in politics either but still reported that to me because I have a picture of Reagan hanging over my wet bar and she knew I liked him. So don’t try to tell me it doesn’t happen.

    Farmer …. That is my point. Why stick up for Northern and also send your kids there when they teach this garbage?

  9. I guess I missed the memo where it was unamerican to have differing opinions than conservatives.

    I was under the impression a major part of America is that people can speak out against their government and have differing political ideals.

    I must be wrong. And all you who don't want your children to find personal growth or think outside the box....send your children to a safe religious school where they will never experience anything that will challenge their beliefs. Or are you afraid they won't know how.

  10. Superman, I can guarantee you I am not Mr. V, I am a 35 yr old White female. I don't even live in Havre anymore, but I do business there. Gerry is a friend of mine tho. I was trying to explain that it is inappropriate to call people names and slander them while hiding. I do not call any names, nor do I slander any local people nor do I make any accusations. There are a lot of Mr. L's in the Havre phone book, but it sounds like I am not the only one hearing about who writes this trash rag. Listen, people can have whatever opinion they want, it sounds like you are so far right you are nearly falling off the cliff. So don't send you kids to Northern, or any other state run school, maybe you shouldn't let them out of the house either?? I mean if you are so afraid of what some liberal might say...sheesh. I am just saying my experience in the Havre public school system and five years at Northern were nothing to do with politics...ever. You come on here "superman" and claim that Mr. Snider is against everything that America was founded upon. Like what? Is he against slavery? Is he against opressing women? Or is he against your almighty G O D?? Get over yourself dude!!

  11. I guess I was wrong Red. Snider is a perfect role model and is entitled to his opinion, his thoughts of sodomy, child torture, disrespect for our flag and his complaints to the ACLU, but like prayer, I shouldn’t have to hear it. Didn't your liberal hero say it best? "Don't ask-don't tell"

    And as far as you being a 35 year old female all I can think to say is BAAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    It’s your story, tell it anyway you like

    It is obvious that I am the only person in Havre that thinks this poem bizzare so I apologize for having an opinion that differs with yours

  12. Superman...you can have whatever opinion you like, but if you are going to come on here and make bold statments like Mr. Snider is against everything America was founded on, you should probably have some actual facts to back up your statement when you are called out. That is the problem with you conservatives on this blog. You are all here to throw stones, but don't have jack sh*& in the way of actual facts to back up what you say. I don't know Mr. Snider and I don't know his views on sodomy, child torture, or the American flag? I hardly think he condones any of that, and would agree that this poem is strange. WHY doesn't someone from the Corrector ask him what it is about. You all posted this...why?? I am sure to slander the man, but you should at least attempt to give him a chance to explain it. Geez...what you think because someone is liberal they condone sodomy and child abuse? I am confused? I asked Superman here what he means by his statement that Mr. Snider is against all that America was founded upon and all I get is the typical BS. Poor me...I can't have an opinion...sorry...waaaa. You made a statement and I was asking you to clarify, preferably with some facts?? Is that too difficult for you? And I don't know who my liberal hero is...in reference to don't ask, don't tell. I think that is stupid. I am a 35 yr old white, female....why is that hard to believe...and why would I make that up?

  13. Red: I don't want to get between you and Superman in your little lover quarrel here, but I really don't think it should be up to the Havre Daily Corrector to prove or disprove whether or not Professor Snider thinks these types of things as they are his words, I looked them up myself and he signs them with his name and MSUN e-mail address.

    Also I think I know who the Mr. L is that you refer to and I think a lot of us on here thought that too at first, but many of us here in Havre believe there is definitely more than one person involved in this blog. I have my own thoughts, but since I like surprises I will wait for the big unveiling to come!

  14. Oh thanks TaxCheat...I wasn't aware there was going to ever be an unveiling?? When is it? Like I said, I don't know professor Snider, and I have read and re read this poem. It is odd to say the least. If you are all taking it literally it would then mean that Mr. Snider saw some police officers raping and setting a child on fire so they could read the paper?? As I stated I don't live in Havre, but if that had happened I think I would of heard something by now? And if it is fiction, should then we assume that every person who writes fiction about rapes and murders, believes in rape and murder? I guess I don't get the actual News worthiness of this article...what is the point?? I think the point is to speculate and tarnish Democratic candidates reputations...typical Havre gossip. Don't miss that aspect of Havre, that is for sure!!

  15. I hope you're right TaxCheat because I'd hate to think that this much vile animosity towards people could come from only one twisted mind.

  16. Wowie im starting to think the corrector used to be married to Janet and she took half his stuff! hahaha (sorry Janet, I didnt mean it) I sense spite. Anyway... This fella Mr Snider is obviously a very intelligent guy and he can write whatever the hell he wants as can anyone else. Superman, enroll your daughter? Is she 12? I would think you would let her pick the college she wishes to attend? Or, because you foot the bill you get to pick? I never understood the spoon feds. Dandelion is right on target here people can send their kids to a religous school if they want them to live under a rock.

  17. Once again the republican right that seethes the everyday drivel in this blog speaks their piece.

    Perhaps this could keep the blogger busy


    I have read there is a Rush Limbaugh version coming out too.

    I agree with this professor. I am very glad that the complaints were made, and I hope they are made again if the situation comes up. Those of us that support freedom from superstition and folklore generally getted shouted down.

    For what it is worth, after attending both the high school and college graduation ceremonies, I was more offended by John Ita's speech at the high school, where most of his speech involved and glorified physically assaulting a woman at a Suicidal Tendencies concert.

  18. Superman, I said in an earlier blog that I would not write on this blog again. I apologize to everyone for that statement as I am on this blog again to clarify something you accused me of and you are more than welcome to use my name Gerry Veis and not Mr. V. That accusation was that I Gerry Veis is the blogger Red. This is an inaccurate statement by you. If you or anyone else need to accuse me of something you are more than welcome to come to my office at 201 2nd Street or my home at 1210 19th Street S.E. or you can call me on my cell phone at 406-262-3915. If I ever speak I am the one that says it and no one else and if I ever write anything my name will accompany it. I read this blog this time because a friend of my pointed out that I was being accused of something again. If any of you bloggers want to know how I think or have any desire to know my opinion you can contact me. I will listen to anyone's opinion, but it doesn't mean I will agree with it and my personality lives on my sleeves and I won't be hiding anything and as for the editor of HDC you might want to check on all your sources including me if you so desire to slam me on what truly is my side of the story when you say I did something and you put your slant to the story. One last thing I would like to commend Mike Badgley for having the fortitude to put his name on what he writes. I would stand with you anytime. Gerry Veis

  19. The idea of a blog is so people can post anon., quit trying to figure out who everyone is, it can be harmful to innocent people. I don't give a rat's a-- who identifies themself. I refer to an earlier post "Tolerance people Tolerance". Agree to disagee but for pete's sake not so much spite and malice its not good for the soul!!!!

  20. This poem takes the cake. The guy needs some mental help