Monday, June 14, 2010

New "Hideout" for the Little Shell Tribe

The Little Shell Tribe has moved their office to Havre according to Tribal President John Sinclair. Sinclair, who is from Havre, said all records relating to tribal business were moved to the new location because he was concerned with security at the Great Falls location. Sinclair has been called to task for his leadership of the tribe in the past and was challenged as to the legitimacy of his office by the elected leader of the Little Shell Alliance, John Gilbert who also claims to be the President of the tribe.

Sinclair said he is working to get someone to staff the Havre office and establish regular hours. The Havre office is located at 2229 5th Avenue, suite 104 in Havre

The Corrector thinks something smells fishy here. Does anyone recall the story earlier this year where the Governor “took back” the Tribes tobacco education funding because it was being used inappropriately to finance the Great Falls office and other fraudulent spending? It appears if there is going to be dissention between the two tribal factions with one group calling for an audit of the books; the best remedy is to just hide the records in a new office in Havre

Any comments?


  1. What Sinclair is doing is illegal, he is not the legitimate chairman. Our Constitution states that there are term limits and Sinclair went beyond them. He claims he is the Legitimate Chairman but the Tribal Members have said differently for the past 2 years.

    Now Sinclair must PROVE it. In May/June 2009, Tribal members sued Sinclair in Federal Court for Civil Rights Violations by cancelling our elections and then holding a fake election in May 2009 by disenrolling those who opposed him and disqualifying everyone who he did not like by using standards our Constitution does not allow. On Thursday, June 24, 2010, 10am, at the Federal District Court in Great Falls, Montana, there will be a hearing on whether or not to dismiss the Civil Rights Case against Sinclair and his cabal. One of the biggest questions will be Sinclair's claim that since his is "Chairman" of the little shell tribe, he is immune from any court action in federal or state court for any actions he does regardless if it violates federal and/or state laws. It is case # 4:09-cv-00044-SEH and is in Judge Sam E. Haddon's Court. The court is located at: U. S. District Court
    Missouri River Courthouse
    125 Central Avenue West
    Great Falls, MT 59404

    The webmaster at Http:// will be posting all the Court filings to date for this case in the next few days.

  2. John Sinclair is a rat and will always be a rat. My first thought when I read this was what is he trying to cover up now? I also find it suspicious that his wife is employed at the HRDC and has full access to that building 24 hours a day 7 days a week. What a convenience for old John. Anyone who un-enrolls members from their tribe based on their dislike of the "chairman" does not have the best interest of the people in mind.

  3. Dissolve the Reservations and let them scrape and beg for the same subsidies offered by our government to caucasians. Or let them be a sovereign nation and support themselves. I am tired of poor white kids having financial debt because of the color of their skin, but Native Americans can go to school for free. YOU CAN'T BEG FOR EQUALITY AND EXTRA MONIES FROM OUR GOVT. It's one or the other.

  4. I'm with you Havrehasit. I spent my hour in line at the bank waiting for our poor native american freinds to cash their government checks. If you want equality, be self supportive and get off the government payroll. Sinclair is a pig who is trying to take the only working tribe and turn them into a welfare state. If there were no money involved in recognition, this would all go away.

  5. havrehasit are you out of your little mind? do you have any empathy at all? let me ask you something. if the government came tonight and asked you to vacate your house and expect no payment for it what would you do? would you just walk away and find some reservation to live on? no i don't think you would and if it took 200 years would you not expect your decendants to recieve the money owed to you with interest? so why do you expect something different from the little shell. are they not as deserving as you? they were the only ones smart enough to get out of the way of the slaughter and degredation put upon the other native americans. they survived and should be given what they are owed. geez think before you speak.