Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Strippers Hard Hit by Oil Spill

We haven’t made any comments about the BP oil spill as of yet on this blog but things are starting to get ridiculous. The leftists are clamoring after BP executive Tony Hayward for taking a day off last week to go “yachting” with his son. The right-wing folks are bemoaning the fact that President Obama regularly goes off golfing with his comrades as oil pours into the ocean unchecked. BP lawsuits are being filed by the scores and the BP boys have already received over 64,000 claims.

The SUN newspaper in Britain is now reporting that the owners of the Mimosa Dancing Girls strip club in New Orleans have now joined the thousands suing BP. Their claim states that since the fishermen are out of work they can no longer pay to see the strippers dance and their business has suffered.

Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3021983/Yachting-BP-boss-torn-off-a-stripper.html#ixzz0raZuJgAD

New Orleans? Wasn’t that the place that was calling President Bush a racist because he didn’t start any government participation in the Katrina mess until the end of the first week instead of immediately? I wonder if President Obama is also ever going to do something now that two months have passed since this disaster other than run off at the mouth to reporters while they tag along with him on the greens as he “relaxes and thinks” as he beats the ball along the fairway? Maybe his inaction is because most of the people killed in the explosion were white and he too is racist? Hmmmm

I know, I know, you don’t even have to put it in the comments section………It is Bush’s fault but considering the thousands of federal regulations dealing with off-shore drilling I have to wonder where all these governmet oversight people that are paid millions to make sure these don't happen were in the weeks before the spill?  Perhaps they were golfing also instead of tending to their work


  1. Wow, HDC you never disappoint do you. Of all the people who are actually suffering due to this very real problem, you want to spoof on it with this stupid stripper story. Really? I guess I shouldn't be surprised, after all I am sure you are all about DRILL BABY DRILL. Haven't seen the queen Sarah herself down in the Gulf, have we?
    Couple of clarifications for you.
    #1. This wasn't a natural disaster, in fact it was quite the opposite. Drilling in 5 thousand feet of water, KNOWING that if there were a disaster there was NO WAY to shut off the oil spewing into the ocean. Last time I checked the govt was responsible for relief efforts in the event of natural disasters, wasn't aware they were responsible for the clean up efforts of private oil companies.
    #2 Obama has done everything he can do as POTUS overlooking what this private company is doing to clean up THEIR MESS. Considering the leading technologically advanced company is BP in the world. Pretty hard to seek out help when the leaders of that pack are the ones who caused the problem. He got BP to set aside 20 Billion for the people who are suffering in the Gulf with zero litigation and what does he get in response. He gets Mr. Barton apologizing to BP for the "shakedown" in the white house. Barton and all the other typical far right bafoons sticking up for BP no less. Gov of Mississippi, Mr. Barber on Faux news saying it is too bad that BP had to put that much money aside, then they "will be less likely to make the income they will need to pay us". ???? HUH...he makes no sense, how are they going to pay us...if they already paid us? Sheesh if Bush would of "extorted" a private corporation into paying for something they broke without a court order...you lackies would of been cheering in the streets.
    This just proves that Obama can do NOTHING to please you people. Keep talking Barton, Barber, Bauchman, Beck, Limbaugh....you are just embolding the democratic party!!
    Love how the judge today says he sees no reason why we should keep this moratorium in place...well Ummmmmm Hello. Have you seen the gulf of frickin MEXICO sir???

  2. Red, we have told you numerous times you could write up a "guest" editorial and we would post your liberal views and all of your supporting facts for comment but you never take us up on the offer.

    Just e-mail it to us at havredailycorrector@bresnan.net

    However, don't be suprised if we don't agree with you.

  3. hdcorrector...you have told me ONCE I could. And I believe that is what I have done. What part of my write up are you disputing? I have sent you a link once and you asked me to write it up. I see tho that you aren't opposed to attaching links of your own. Just seems like this oil spill is a very serious UN natural event and BP is completely to blame for it and you are mocking who is feeling the pinch? What is up with that?

  4. I don't know why everyone wants to get mad at obama,just because he's not down at the gulf 24/7.He has a lot on his plate thanks to bush and cheney's stupidity.2 wars,a financial nightmare.Bush and cheney will go down in history as the moronic duo and if it were possible,i wonder how many people would have voted them in for a 3rd term.

  5. As these companies drill deeper and obviously gamble with enviromental disasters such as this oil spill, would it be good time for our good governor to push again for coal liquification?

    It is my understanding that homesteaders even around here used liquified coal in tractors. I have heard it was called "blue fuel"

    However now we better clean coal technology, with harmful particles such as mercury being completely removed.

    Montana could be the equivilant of Saudi Arabia in the world energy business. 10% of the worlds coal reserves are in this state.

    This should be a time that coal from Montana should be at the front of the discussion.

  6. ya...that is what I thought HDC. Seems when the tough questions/comments roll around we don't hear from you?? Deconstructor...I hope you are wrong. Seems when the world finds your natural resources that are valuable, it just brings trouble. Look @ the middle east. I have to wonder sometimes if they weren't so rich in oil...would we be there? And blood diamonds come to mind as well. ?? I don't know...mixed feelings on that. I also wouldn't mind Montanans reaping the benefits as well. Peace

  7. Well, HDC must've struck a nerve, as only liberals respond to most of the posts here.

    Good work HDC!

  8. I have 2 valid points here: When Katrina hit Bush didn’t go down there for awhile. His reasoning was all he would was to clog up the traffic and he could do no good. This also applies to Oboma. Talk to the residents of Bozeman when Oboma was there; you couldn’t move any where near the motel where he was staying. So I agree with both of them. Now every one is criticizing Hayward for going out on a yacht but is just fine for Oboma to go golfing. Is there no way to apply the same rules to everyone?