Tuesday, June 8, 2010

GO VOTE - or - Quit complaining

Today’s the Day. Remember to Vote.

This could be a close election in several Hill County races. For Hill County Commissioner we have a choice between Incumbent Mike Anderson and his Democrat challengers Jim Catt and Bert Corcoran. At this point the Corrector predicts that because of a split vote between Catt and Corcoran from the voters unhappy with our current commissioner, Anderson will be able to slip by and win by a hair.

The battle at the County Attorney’s office is also about to come to an end. Democrat Incumbent Gina Dahl is being challenged by deputy Lindsey Lorang and local attorney Randy Randolph. We think Dahl may have trouble retaining this position but the race is too close to call. If there is a race that could be won by just a few votes this could be it. It is very important that these candidates get out the vote amongst their supporters.

Hill County Treasurer Carrie Dickson is being faced by fellow Democrat Sandy Brown. The Corrector predicts that Carrie will be unseated handily and Brown will go on to face Republican Bill Gupton in November. Whether Gupton will be able to take out Brown in the General will be another question.

On the Republican side in the PSC District 1 race the choice is for candidates Travis Kavulla and Jerry Black to face Democrat Don Ryan in November. You may recall that when Greg Jergeson won this seat originally it was only by 300 votes or so. Both of these candidates have campaigned hard and this could be another squeaker. We think Black will carry Hill County because he is better known here but Kavulla is a well know name in Cascade and surrounding counties so this race is to tight to call in our opinion. If you have a favorite it is important to vote because every vote will be needed in this race.

For Congress we see Rehberg easily taking the Republican nomination but our heads are up for the results of the race between Democrats Dennis McDonald and Tyler Gernant. It appears that the young upstart Gernant has rapidly come from behind and has the chance to make a stunning upset to the party machine favorite Dennis McDonald. Again, another race where a few votes will make a difference.

In House District 33 Democrat Jack Tretheway faces Democrat Phillip DeFelice. We predict Trethewey to be the winner, not because he has worked hard campaigning, but rather because his name is better known, even if it is was from connection with the ACLU complaint. The winner will face Republican Kristen Hansen. House District 34 has Democrat Dana Seidel challenging Dave Brewer. Brewer hasn’t done one thing to promote his candidacy so we predict Seidel will win by a large margin to face Incumbent Republican Wendy Warburton in November.

We have all heard tales of different candidates that have won their positions by only one or two votes and this primary election in Hill County also has that potential in a couple of these races. There has never been a time when it was more important to vote than it is in this election. Go Vote!

One last thought before I call my friends and remind them to vote; If you don’t vote – we don’t want to hear you on here bellyaching about what is happening with our local county and city officials.

Good Luck to each of the candidates


  1. I voted ......... Bye bye HO-HO queen

  2. Voting: our chance to put in our good 2 cents!

  3. I voted also - goodbye Mike Anderson (hopefully)

  4. vote vote vote!

    As many famous celebrities have said "Rock the vote!"