Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Northern's attorneys say no apology needed for graduation prayer

Montana State University attorneys have decided that Northern officials did not act improperly when they allowed Pastor Tim Zerger to pray at the graduation ceremony this spring. Chief legal counsel for MSU-Northern, Leslie Taylor, said they found no fault on the part of Northern and there was no need to issue an apology. The ACLU didn’t agree but issued a statement saying they won’t take the matter to court.

This matter appears to be over and done with and we at the Corrector would hope that we can once again unite to pull together for what is best for Northern and our community. Perhaps a good start would be for everyone to see what we can do to further the proposal to use unmanned drone aircraft for possible data collection applications at MSU-Northern? This proposal could bring hundreds of jobs to the Havre area. A few calls to our congressional people speaking in favor of this proposal would certainly help


  1. Agreed that it is time to move on. Well, at least until next year when someone attempts to give a Muslim prayer.

  2. I agree corrector! While I think Northern was in the wrong. It is time to move on and make sure the college has its place in Havre for sometime to come.

  3. I really love how HDC and multiple people on this blog ripped on the college for everything from Professors' responses to the prayer to a poem one posted.

    Yet, you want to keep it around when it preaches such liberal ideas?

    As a disclaimer, I am not advocating getting rid of Northern, but this blog itself ripped Northern quite a bit.

    And no one else is worried about "data collection?"

    Sounds a little odd to me. I really do not like the idea of my data being collected by unmanned drone planes.

    And all these jobs its suppose to bring - most of the businesses in this town can't keep help, how is a new one suppose to?

  4. In regards to the drone issue, it sounds good at first listen but with so many generalities it is really hard to tell. Still, something worth investigating.

  5. No one said we wanted to get rid of the college. We need to get rid of the nuts that would write such a poem that instruct our kids. Those people that always try to take the college down in respect while also wanting to receive a paycheck from the taxpayers for being employed there.

  6. How much time and money was wasted on this? This is just like government, they sit around and get paid to bitch at each other. The only person that wins is the lawyer.

  7. Fitty: I agree with you that no govenrment time should be spent on this type of thing, but you can't really blame Northern for this or MSU's attorneys as they had an obligation to investigate the issue and respond to the allegations alleged by the ACLU and the professors who made the complaint or they faced the threat of a lawsuit.