Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mansfield Endoresment?

Why would Tyler get the Mansfield endorsement over his opponent Dennis McDonald?

Dear Charles, I recently revisited a speech “The Senate and its Leadership” that my uncle, Senator Mike Mansfield, gave to the full Senate in March of 1998. The speech had been scheduled to be delivered on November 22, 1963. The events of that day precluded the speech from being delivered. The next week he quietly slipped the text of the speech into the Congressional Record. 35 years later he was able to deliver the speech to the full Senate. He believed the speech to be as relevant in 1998 as it was in 1963. It has the same important message in 2010. I would urge you to review and renew your faith in government by listening to the speech at -

The speech centered on the divisive character of the Senate in 1963 and the lack of respect for each party’s opinions and view points. He felt that this lack of respect for the opposition’s positions and opinions was not an effective way to govern. He believed in considering and respecting all positions. He believed in listening more then talking.

I have reviewed the choices we have in the upcoming election for the Montana Congressional seat. The choice we make this Tuesday will decide if Montana sends a new Mike Mansfield to Washington.

Denny Rehberg will be the nominee for the Republicans. Rehberg’s campaign strategy will be to position his meager legislative record as a great accomplishment, and he will spend most of the campaign defending his history of questionable personal judgments.

On the Democratic side there is a contrasting choice of two candidates: Tyler Gernant or Dennis McDonald.

Dennis McDonald is a seasoned political operative. He is said to have a history with organized crime members. There have been several versions of his involvement and motives in the news. McDonald was a California trial lawyer, who in his later years decided to turn Montana cowboy. My sense is that at age 66, he is now moving on to the next item on his “Bucket List”.

A McDonald – Rehberg campaign will not be focused on issues, rather it will be a tearing down of each other. It will be an all out mud slinging fest! I am looking for a leader in Congress that cares less about himself and more about Montana and our country.

I, and other members of the Mansfield family, urge you to vote for Tyler Gernant in the upcoming election. Tyler Gernant is a candidate whose only agenda will be to represent Montana and its citizens. He is principled, intelligent, and actually listens to others more then he talks. Tyler Gernant has limitless energy. He understands actions speak louder than words.

I see many of my Uncle Mike’s characteristics in Tyler Gernant. I urge you to vote for the future of Montana and the United States. Tyler Gernant will represent … all of Montana … all of the time. It is time to give Montana a representative who will be a leader who has the courage to do what is right … not merely what is politically advantageous or expedient.


Sheila Mansfield

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What is up with this glowing endorsement of Tyler Gernant by the Mansfield family?  Isn't McDonald the chosen one of the Montana Democrat Party?


  1. It could be because many of us think McDonald is a pretty shady character. Staying with Rehberg would be better than him

    Gernant is pretty young but he seems sincere

  2. It seems that voters don’t appreciate the value on a good congressman that doesn’t waste money sponsoring meaningless and unnecessary legislation. Congressman Rehberg has done us a great service by voting against bad legislation and supporting good legislation.
    We need to stick with Congressman Rehberg to say “Thank You” for not wasting our time and money.

  3. Like always the democrats are turning on each other. Maybe that's why they can't get a good candidate to ever run for this office