Thursday, July 8, 2010

Helena Public Schools proposes new Sex Ed for K thru 12

Helena Public Schools is attempting to launch a new sex education program called “Human Sexuality” that starts with a systemized approach to sex education beginning in kindergarten. By the time the child reaches 6th grade they will “Understand that sexual intercourse includes but is not limited to vaginal, oral, or anal penetration” and also is ok between same sex couples.  
Check out the news on KRTV below or read about it in the Helena Independent Record


  1. Too much, too soon. IMO

    Although I agree with the part about teaching that using the term "gay" as a pejorative is unacceptable and wrong.

  2. I agree with the person in the Helena newspaper that said her 2nd grade daughter didn't need to know the terms like scrotum, testicles, etc. What is wrong with these people?
    I am all for sex ed but 2nd grade?????????

  3. Well we all can see the current "Abstinence Only" plan does not work.

    I think Havre could benefit from a better Sex Ed program. I find it absolutely horrible that a 6th grader was pregnant this year and in 2009 17 girls in the high school were pregnant.

    I work with two high school girls, and they have told me how many girls have been pregnant, had kids, etc.

    Teens are having sex, and they need to know more about making healthy, safe choices.

    I honestly think it is good to teach children about the human body. It shouldn't be a shameful thing. And the more they are educated, hopefully the better choices they will make when they are older.

  4. People are just dishonest about this. Terms like "scrotum" and "testicles"?

    In the real world it is the parents that should be getting the sex education so THEY would be better able to understand what is going on.

    Here is an example.

    If you do not know what any of these terms are life have changed since Mayberry.

    Felching, Teabagging, Docking, Fluffer, Rainbow Party, Bukkake, Snorkel, Rusty Trombone, The Shocker (2 in the Bush and 1 in the Cheney), Arabian Googles, Dirty Sanchez, and Donkey Punch (particularly Donkey Punch the Sarah Palin) just to name a few.

    I am guessing if you need google for any of these terms, you might want to rethink your position on teaching about the real world.

  5. DeConstructor you are one sick nasty woman. Have you ever considered psychiatric help? Why do you post this type of garbage? You want this taught to grade school kids? It is no wonder kids today are so screwed up

    Leave it to a mindless defender of the Democrat party to post this trash. I think the judge was right about you

  6. Hillbilly - Try reading decon's post again. I think you missed his point ENTIRELY.

  7. Deconstructor do you spend all your time trolling porn sites? The things you post are so perverse it sickens me

    it would seem your whole purpose is one to "shock and awe" those of us that are not insane

  8. another classic example of the state raising your kids, not the parents. the woman who stated these issues could be discussed further at home was right; but she was wrong in thinking curriculum like this is okay. why can't kids just learn about the human body without all the politically correct bs thrown in for good measure?! altho i will admit, thanks partly to the internet, kids probably know more about some of these issues than us parents would like to admit.

  9. Maybe the Corrector could point out the pg in the proposed curriculum where it says "“Understand that sexual intercourse includes but is not limited to vaginal, oral, or anal penetration” and also is ok between same sex couples".
    STOP playing word games. No where does it say it is "ok". It simply states "that a human being can love someone of the opposite gender or someone of the same gender." It doesn't say that anything is OK. Saying that something exists and that something is OK are two totally different things. There is nothing in this proposed curriculum that isn't based on solid FACTS. You think "parents" should be the ones responsible for teaching this stuff to their kids, well you won't get any argument from me, but the simple FACT of the matter is they aren't doing it. Here is a link to a very intersting article in todays IR with some FACTS that should scare the he(( out of all of us...
    AND here is a website showing how the rest of the modern industrialized world addresses these issues and take a look at how SHOCKING our stats match up to theirs...
    Here in Helena from 06-08 we had 333 teenage pregnancies. So something has to change. In the advocates for youth study I posted it is showing that in 2004 we spent 9.4 BILLION dollars on teenage pregnancy and STD's in the US. Parents can't/don't want to/won't teach their kids about sex because it is embarrassing or icky or against their religion or they are flat out ignorant to the issues. Well if you wont teach your kids then for goodness sakes, please allow a professional to. Good gravy freddy, why can't my 8 yr old son know what his "balls" are really called. He knows they are testicals and guess what...its no big deal...grow up.

  10. Red I am grown up. In all the months I have been reading your posts on here you have never once ever posted anything positive. Always tearing apart either what is posted on the blog or else tearing apart the people that comments. It doesn’t matter what the subject and you will spout off you antagonistic trash. Possibly you should be the one to grow up?

    Say something positive for once for crying out loud

  11. freddy....YOU are the one who came on here stating that you didn't feel it was necessary for "terms like scortum, testicles, etc." to be taught to 2nd graders. Correct? I didn't know it was other bloggers job or requirement to respond to you in what you deem to be "positive" manner.
    What you said is silly, what else should these second graders be calling these things. Balls, wee wee??
    It is a simple question? Funny I asked the Corrector to identify the facts to back up their claim and NOTHING...again. I sort of feel obligated to continue to come back to what I consider Havre's right wing tabloid rag to set some of you liars straight...obviously there is no room for factual conversation with some of you. Sheesh

  12. I do agree that what Red posted was not positive...because it is true that our teens are uneducated about sex and compared to other countries, have absolutely no idea how to be responsible for their own actions.

    I don't think what he posted was bad, it certainly affirmed my status that preaching abstinence does not work and that parents are obviously not doing their part on educating their children on sex.

    My parents talked to me about sex when I was 9, 11, 13, etc. It was never anything I was afraid asking about or that I found to be shameful. At 16, when I decided I might become sexually active, I went to family planning on got on the pill. It extremely cheap, if not free, for women.

    I have to agree that having children refer to their privates in these top secret code names is ridiculous. Like its horrible that they know the real name of their sexual organs, or what those organs can do.

    I think the adults in this nation need to grow up, take responsibility, and teach their children not only about their bodies, but also the consequences and responsibilities that come with those bodies.

  13. Reds right on target here. Someone has to teach kids about sex. If the parents wont do it (which obviously they dont) then someone has to.