Saturday, July 24, 2010

Liberal "tax the rich" hypocrites

Anyone recall the rich Democrat Presidential Candidate, John Kerry, that ran for president but lost big in the presidential primary? All through the primary Kerry’s campaign carried on about how “the rich” were not paying their fair share and when he was elected president he would “equalize” the unfairness of our system, IE; redistribute some wealth and tax the hell out of the rich. At the time this drama from Kerry about “saving the poor” was pretty amusing as Kerry’s wife was a super rich heir to the Heinz fortune and had over 600 million dollars at that time. Kerry himself was a Senator from Massachusetts earning a measly 400 thousand or so in 2003 as he ran for president but the generous hearted man did give near $40,000 to charity. Yep, let me say it again and do a little redistribute the wealth math ------ 600 million net worth + $400,000 income to John + plus whatever wife Heinz earned from her 600 million = a whopping $40,000 to the poor.
Ok, never mind all that, he lost but he didn’t get over it (or himself)

Now the New York Post is reporting that John Kerry has purchased a 7 million dollar yacht. (Must have had a loan from his super-rich wife) Now I don’t take issue with a normal millionaire buying a yacht but there are some hypocritical issues here. First Kerry has campaigned for years about being the savior of the Union workers, buy Union first, save America buy USA, and on and on. So what does he do to help? Contracts to have his yacht built out of country by non-union labor in New Zealand.

Next, this tax and spend liberal has yapped about equalizing the gap between the wealthy and the ultra poor for years and has advocated raising taxes hundreds of times. Massachusetts sales tax, excise tax, luxury taxes, and berthing fees are so high on purchases such as this for their residents that Mr. tax everyone else Kerry took his little boat to Rhode Island where it will be docked because he is saying that he is a resident there to avoid over $500,000 in taxes.

Like most rich Democrats that campaign on “taxing the rich” these taxes are not to be paid by them. What a damn PHONEY! Is it any wonder I have a hard time finding one Democrat to actually vote for? I have been willing, just not able to find one I believe or trust.
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  1. so...let me get this straight...
    a rich themo-crap is worse than a rich republi-con?
    the rich don't pay a "fair share", they never have and as long as they own congress (it's only been since the first ever session of congress)they never will.
    YOU will pay their taxes...
    unless you are rich too.

  2. It appears blatantly obvious as to why Kerry is docking the boat where he is and why he purchased it from where he did: MONEY.

    Old John never has been any good at connecting with the common man and this is simply another example of "do what I say, not what I do".

    However, what is up with criticizing him for donating $40 thousand to charity? It could have been nothing. At least he donates something.

  3. He has a 600 million financial statement and you think $40,000 is better thsn nothing?

    Let's say for sake of argument that he earns 60 million off his 600 million net worth. 1 % of that would be a donation of $600,000. If I only donated 1% of the $40,000 I earn that would be like me giving $400

    What happened to the "it takes a village" thinking?

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  5. 40,000 is better than nothing! 40,000 better than nothing to be exact! The man donated more than the average Havreite makes in a year. When you donate more than you can bitch. Until then, shut up and be happy he donated anything. He didnt have to. I spose if he donated a kidney you would say oh but he has two so its not good enough. A donation is a donation no matter the size. Why complain about an act of kindness? Be happy!

  6. think $40,000 is better thsn nothing?

    Absolutely it is better than nothing. It's charity, not a requirement, and for anyone to piss and moan about someone giving anything to charity is ridiculous.

  7. $40k to charity is better than a "fair share" to the taxpayers?

  8. Just for kicks I looked up how much George Bush gave to charity

    According to their 2005 tax return, the Bushes had taxable income of $618,694 and contributed $75,560 to charity

  9. now we're into skull and bones brothers and criminal/criminal.

  10. Last time I checked, no one is required to donate money to charity. It doesn't matter how much money you have or how little money you have...there is no requirement.

    And if he wants to buy a yacht, let him buy a yacht. Musicians and celebrities have spent more than 7 million dollars on a single item, but no one harps on them.

  11. I just got a fundraising letter from the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee asking that I help save the party from the wealthy Republicans. They asked for $50, $25 or even a mere $5 would help in the fight to stop the Republican campaign of power and greed.

    Guess who signed the letter asking me for 5 dollars? Our poor party leader and former presidential candidate John Kerry. He has brass ones the size of basketballs to ask me for $5 when he is a mega rich tax avoider Between this phony, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and what our great president is doing I am getting real turned off by the democrat party