Monday, July 26, 2010

Politically Correct term for Illegal Criminals is now “displaced foreign traveler”

I was catching up on the news this weekend when I ran across an interesting article in the Northern California Times-Standard

It seems the Department of Justice and the Trinity County Sheriff’s office raided some “gardens” on federal lands in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest and destroyed 46,000 pot plants. The article went on to say that federal lands in California have seen increases in growers that are involved with organized crime and are causing problems with visitors to the recreational forest lands.

It is bad enough that the forest service press release calls these pot growing locations “gardens" but they went on in the news release to state that one man, Gauldry Almonte-Hernandez, was arrested as he fled from one of the gardens. The press release described him as a “displaced foreign traveler” from Mexico. HUH? I love the feel good political correct terms the government comes up with for what is in reality a foreign drug dealing criminal. That term makes it sound like he was some sort of super-hero that took a wrong turn on his holiday to the USA and just happened to turn up in a drug operation. What is wrong with these people? I guess when you are earning a big-dollar federal paycheck you have time to dream this crap up.

Google Rita Vollmer, Assistant Public Affairs Officer Shasta-Trinity National Forest, for many equally twisted press release articles.


  1. I think it does sound better then calling him what he is

    An illegal hoodlum criminal low life tax cheating drug dealer

  2. so...
    the question is...
    why don't these guys get taken down?
    some of your representatives/corpse-rat leaders are in the money.
    let us call who what?

  3. Once they legalize it in Cali. those Mexicans wont have a leg to stand on. They will have no market to sell illegal pot when there is legal pot thats cheaper. Tax it!!! Lets make some money!!! Lets make Hemp oil and stop big oil! More textile! Lets stop cutting down trees! Hemp is a problem solver! Pot is an economy booster!

  4. ya, lets send them illegals home, we can grow our own weed. And dont tax it to much, or we will be right back in the same boat.