Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Havre "Has It"

I apologize that there haven’t been very steady posts to this blog in my 8 day absence. I just got back from a well deserved vacation last night and have been busy catching up on the news and things that have been going on around town while I was gone.

Actually the amount of new things that take place in our area each week is pretty amazing and we have gotten numerous “tips” for stories this past week or so. I see that the new landfill is progressing, the council has been busy working on the proposed business license, the hospital is working towards cutting home health programs, the tea party people held a rally this past weekend in Chinook and Senator Tester and Congressman Rehberg both made an appearance here while I was absent. I was glad to see that many of our readers did manage to entertain themselves by commenting on the proposed Sex Education program in the Helena School system but it is time to move on with some new topics. Thanks to all our readers that have sent me information and “tips” this past week and I will be working on getting your stories posted the next few days. I also have gotten some comments about our good professor getting after his representative again so I am looking forward to dissecting that topic too.

While I had a great time in my travels during my vacation what struck home to me last night as I crested the hill by the Mall and headed into town was that I actually missed this place even though at time I get frustrated with the views of some of my fellow Havreites. While I saw many interesting and beautiful things there really is no place like your home town and Havre truly does “Have it”

Till tomorrow


  1. I do hope to see some more attention to what is happening at the hospital... I've heard nothing at the local level and more than just the home health dept.(tho I understand they'll be hired back but at much lower wages) are getting the ax there! LOTS of people are out of jobs and moving out of the area!! This is a big deal.
    Welcome back, BTW!

  2. Thanks Surely - I wouldn't mind doing a blog sometime with old Havre historic type pictures. Anyone have any to share? Any of my fellow "old geezers" have any old back in my day storys?

    Thanks also Sinkthis

  3. I.G.A has some old pictures of downtown. i used to work in the photo department and i remember making extra copies of some of the old pics that would come in from time to time. Maybe they still have those??? Great old picture. Welcome back corrector!