Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gupton is Out - But are the HO HO's?

The announcement that the Republican candidate for Hill County Treasurer Bill Gupton is withdrawing from the race must be official as it has finally made the “above the fold” cut for today’s lead HDN story. Gupton took a job with a power generating facility some 2 months ago, put his house up for sale and told some of the local GOP boys at that time he was pulling up stakes and would have to relinquish his position on the November ballot and the story has finally made the "official" news.

I wonder if the local Republicans have a candidate to replace Gupton or if they are going to be willing to let the Democrat primary winner, Sandy Brown, just slid into the position unchallenged? Apparently the local Democrats agreed that chaos, disorder, and unprofessional procedures have been the order of business for some length of time at the Treasurer’s office as they voted to replace the Democrat party leader’s favorite Carrie Dickson with in-house challenger Sandy Brown. Has anyone one heard of any potential challengers for this position? The Hill County Republican chairman, Andrew Brekke was quoted in today’s timely HDN article that the Hill County GOP is “interviewing” potential candidates to replace Gupton.

I would think they would have a few people looking at this position as it pays around $40,000 a year and comes with a fantastic county benefit plan. Does anyone think a semi-retired but rather tired old blogger should take a look at this job? While I am conservative and mostly vote for conservative Republicans I would hate to have to file with the label “Republican” as I truly do consider myself an Independent and think that all city and county positions should be non-partisan. What to do? What to do?

While I was at least glad to see that the incumbent got beat in the primary I wonder if a new treasurer that was trained in the same office and that is friends with the current staff could really make any substantial changes to the mode of operation currently in place. Even trying to change the lunch counter mentality of this office would be difficult when you’re taking on your friends and fellow workers that were allowed to leave junk food laying around their desks if you were part of that “original” team don’t you think?

I guess we will see soon as the Republicans only have a few weeks to round up a credible candidate.


  1. Very appropriate question in your headline. Maybe ever who runs should run on the Just say no to junk food?

  2. I think an argument could be made that Andrew Brekke may have personally eaten ALL the HoHo's.

    Perhaps he just trying to emulate Rush Limbaugh......

  3. ....and who's always the one on here talking about meanspirited attacks? Justified or not, that was just distasteful DeConstructor!

    Andrew is a good friend and I am sure he's laughing about this, but I am not!

  4. I find it interesting that most of the commenter’s on this blog bitch about tolerance, acceptance, and compassion for your fellow man yet then come back and make a personal nasty comment about someone because he happens to be a conservative republican and was only mentioned in this story because he is a republican central committee member.

    DeConstructor you said those things yourself on this blog. Now this? You are a low-life intolerant disgusting individual that talks out of both sides of his mouth. If you want to talk about pork feds you should mention that the over-load limits have been reached at the Treasurer’s office which is what this story was about. Practice what you preach all you hypocrites

    Is it ok because you can post here anonymously and not have to take responsibility for yourself like you would if you had your real name attached? Personally I think the guy got a little chubby from drinking all that beer his AA friends have been giving him because they got “the cure” from going to those AA meetings

  5. Wow, Decon--what an original comment! I sure am impressed you could take Freddy's comments on the junkfoodaholics up at the courthouse and turn it into a personal attack on a guy who's only involvement is that he has to appoint someone to run for this position. Boy we sure have gone off the deep end here!

    Oh and by the way what is your opinion of OverEater's Anonymous Decon? Should Andrew head on over there? Would you recommend it?

  6. Decon is a racist. He only said that about Brekkee because he is white

    I have to agree with these

    You my sister have lost all credibility about anything