Friday, July 30, 2010

At least we did indeed get "Change"

How’s that Hope and Change thingy been working out for you all? Check out a map of the changes in unemployment county by county beginning in 2007 here. It does appear that Montana is fortunate compared to the rest of the country. Why isn’t that money we have been wasting on the stimulus program working?

Here's the utube version


  1. Youch, ugly picture. But don't forget that the recession started under Bush, and Bush passed the first stimulus package.

  2. take a look at the fed info sites, like census, and you will see the hope and change thingy in action for the last century.
    you can change names in dc but nothing changes at home...
    or ever has...
    or will as long as homer blames, the mexicans, blacks, indians, arabs, gays, themo-craps, republi-cons...
    and stays a corpse-rat sucker.

  3. By all means blame it all on Bush. You should remember Magnafixx that Bush tried to stimulate the economy by giving a tax moratorium and Obama is trying to stimulate the economy by a giant money giveaway. How do expanding headstart, unemployment, free rent,bailing out defunct corporations,expanding government free for all programs, and catering to your union political supporters stimulate the economy? Either take less from the taxpayer so they have more to spend or if you must at least use the funds to provide jobs like building road, dams or infrastructure that will serve us for generation. Just throwing money out the window for the sake of spending helps no one.

    And of course it is still Bush’s fault. How long is that excuse going to be good for?

  4. jimbo...
    blame ALL of them.
    just so you note...
    obammy gave away about 750 bil
    bush in his first two years gave away twice that...
    they all shaft you as hard as you will stand for by doing nothing.
    there are many .gov sites that show jamming the middle to give away to the rich is hardly new.