Sunday, September 26, 2010

Havre Political Candidate Comparisions

We have been a little slow in getting our posts up the past few weeks and we apologize to those of you that have sent us tips that we haven’t gotten around to researching yet. We hope to get things back on track this week. As was pointed out to us last night when we all got together there is only about a month left until the election in November and in reality only a couple of weeks of campaign time left until we can vote absentee.

Beginning next weekend the Corrector will be running articles from/or about the candidates such as profiles etc so our readers can make some sort of comparision between the offerings. We tried this in the past without a great response from the candidates themselves so for the General election we again offer the candidates the opportunity to submit a profile/campaign letter/a why you should vote for me post/ etc which will be posted exactly as you have written it.

In the event that we again don’t get a response from some of the candidates we won’t let it get us down but will rather just compile a profile for the candidate ourselves which may or may not be as flatering as if they did it themselves.   If any of our readers have any thoughts with facts about any of the candidates just shoot us an e-mail.

We encourage the candidates to take advantage of our Free campaign advertisement opportunity

Our first in this series posts next Saturday

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  1. I am sending you some comments and information about the office seeker I think is least qualified of the whole bunch