Monday, September 13, 2010

Obama Care sends Health Insurance Skyrocketing

I ran across an interesting link in the Wall Street Journal pointing to an interview with Aetna Chairman Ronald Williams discussing the upcoming insurance rate increases to cover the additional costs of this so called free ObamaCare.

The WSJ article also went on to say that
Many carriers also are seeking additional rate increases that they say they need to cover rising medical costs. As a result, some consumers could face total premium increases of more than 20%.

Disturbing news such as this surely can’t do the Democrats mid-term elections any good. Take a look at the article and see what you think.  Didn't the guy that claimed to have written the health care plan, our own Max Baucus, say that this plan was going to give us reductions in costs?  You don't suppose some of these guys were being less than truthful with us do you?


  1. These guys will use any excuse to raise rates. How better than to blame Obama.

    In 2006, 1 out of every $700 spent in US healthcare went to UnitedHealth CEO William W. McGuire, who was later forced to resign after criminal charges were filed by the SEC.

    We see this greed locally with the mess that has gone on in our local, alleged "not for profit" hospital.

    People are dying because of the wild west, gold rush, unbridled greed that is happening all over in US healthcare.

    These guys are all scum.

    I trust my family physician and that is as far as it goes.

    The industry should be the most regulated in the world. They take unscrupulous advantage of vulnerable people and crush their estate after they kill them.

    The system is inexcusable.

  2. deconstructer is right.The insurance companies are just like big oil,any excuse to screw you out of your money.You hear about the $60.00 tylenol,well i've seen it on my own bills,the reason they overprice is to pay for people that don't have insurance.America needs some sort of healthcare reform,unfortunatly we are in the beginning of it.Trial and error but at least it's a start.

  3. So who am I supposed to blame when my premiums went up two years ago?? I am confused?

  4. Kuddos to everyone who posted! I concur completely! What this article fails to mention is that they've been going up substantially every year for 12-15 years. Now they just have someone to blame. How convenient.