Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mourning in America

The campaign ads have been bombarding my radio listening pleasure the last week or so for the local candidate promotions and some of them sound pretty good.  The Tribune reported yesterday about a great political television ad called “Mourning in America” that I thought was very interesting when it is compared to a similar television ad that President Reagan ran in his re-election campaign back in 1984.  They both were on utube and are posted here so tell me what you think
Reagan 1984 "Morning in America"

2010 "Mourning in America"

Thanks to the Great Falls Tribune for pointing this ad out.


  1. great ads are great ads...
    bought with the biggest money.
    didn't keep yawhie ray-gun from being one of the most destructive presidents in history.

  2. While a debate over which presidents were good or bad would go nowhere I do think it is historicaly accurate that President Reagon was a good president. As president it does not matter what you do--a large percentage of the people will not agree with it.

    One of the things that we seem to have forgotten is that government is built upon three pillers--compromise, compromise, and compromise.

    The attitude now is that everyone MUST agree with me--or they are wrong. That is why our federal government gets nothing done; no one will compromise.

  3. review the numbers.
    doesn't matter what the people think.
    numbers matter.

  4. That was profound

    This comparison really does show the difference between now and the good old days