Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Union Government workers now out number Union Private Sector

Well it is official. For the first time ever Government Union workers out number union workers in Private industry.

In Montana alone over 18,000 people are members of the MEA-MFT and their president, Eric Feaver boasts that they have helped kill numerous anti-tax and spend ballot issues over the past 25 years such as an initiative to abolish property taxes, an initiative to require a public vote on all fees and taxes at every level of government and various issues that were designed to cap government spending. Interestingly while Feaver brags about his role in increased government bloat it is we the taxpayers who ultimately pick up the tab. Unlike competition in the private sector there is no checks or balance mechanism in government to keep a handle on over run expenditures

Is it really a good thing that there are now more government workers belonging to unions than those workers in the private sector?

Read the full story here or as reported by the Montana Watchdog here


  1. Are you sure about this? I am having a hard time seeing the light on this. It is for the good of all people to let the wise union people make decisions. I am confident they are looking out for our good.

  2. interesting stat...
    given that there are roughly the same number of gov workers as in 1963 per census report.