Friday, September 3, 2010

Senator Testor working hard for the folks in Elko Nevada

Congress is on their summer break but do you hear anything about local Senator “No Ear Marks Ever” Tester having any listening sessions or otherwise talking to his constituents? Let’s see now – we had him make a brief appearance in Havre for the Home Land Security Democrat Love Fest where he miraculously is having second thoughts about the money being wasted on the Whitetail port of entry AFTER the waste made the national news. Funny thing was that everyone, including our local HDN, failed to mention that our great Senator was bragging about all the money he had gotten “earmarked” for this project just less than a year ago but apparently he has now seen the light.

I did see a report that he was in Havre a week or so ago for a fundraiser for the local Democrat candidates but of course only the elite and wealthy Democrat Party members were invited and the rest of us were excluded.

If you want to hear what our local Senator is up to I guess you will have to subscribe to the San Francisco Post or the likes of Nevada’s Elko Daily Free Press which reported that “No Ear Marks Ever” was campaigning for our good buddy Harry Reid and the rest of the Pelosi dream team. What is the matter with this guy? And what about the “transparency” Jon promised us during his campaign? He said he was going to post on his website every activity he was involved with so all us Montana peons would know what he was up to and who his bedfellows were to assure us he wasn’t hanging out with the likes of Jack Abramoff. Funny thing is his website said he had “no events scheduled” for the very time he was hob knobbing with the out of state political greats that shoved socialized healthcare down our throats

My my my how fast we fall and how justified our little “fibs” get when we get “impotent”

See it for yourself Elko Daily Free Press

The Flint Report on the Northern Ag Network


  1. I hadn't seen thru this all the way. Something didn't seem quite right with some of his rhetoric. I guess if I like him I won't accept your logic though. As long as he can bring some money home to us I say let someone else pay for it.

  2. Thats the whole problem Mayday. You and I are the someone else that is really paying for it in the end. We have to stop this waste

  3. Digusting, but really, what did you expect from some lected by

  4. where's the surprise?...
    folks seem to post examples of "scandalous" political scum.
    my grade school kid can predict the scams, knows we pay, they play.
    she knows if you seek honor...
    you don't go to elected "leaders"...
    you don't go to church...
    you don't go to your school teachers...
    you don't go to the cops...
    the cynicism starts early and stays late.

  5. We need a president that will not sigh ANY bill if it has earmarks on it.Not democrat and not republican earmarks are not except able.