Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Havre Democrats Orchestrate Boycott of Havre Business over 8 Inch Campaign Position Paper

Anyone remember the local Pizza Pro boycott by the Democrats during the Bob Rice / Mike Shortell mayoral race? If you do you will recall that the Democratic Party chairman Debi Friede took offense with Russ Luke who was the owner of the local Pizza Pro at the time for displaying the campaign sign of his personal friend Bob Rice in his restaurant window. Ms Friede organized the infamous pizza boycott that backfired on her and handed Mayor Bob a landslide victory. Not only did the boycott fail but people were so disgusted with the boycott that Luke reported his business nearly doubled over night even to the point where he had to decrease his hours because he was regularly running out of pizza.

Well shes Baaack! and apparently Ms Friede and the local Democrat power structure have poor memories because we have received reports that she is now threatening another local business owner with a similar boycott because of his support of pro-life candidate Wendy Warburton.

Yesterday Ms Friede, who by the way has been expunged as the Democrat Party Chairwoman, threatened the owner of the Zoo Health Club with another of her “organized” boycotts because the owner had the audacity to display a Warburton for House District 34 campaign sign in the window of his business located in the mall. Zoo Health Club owner, Bob Horne posted the small 8 inch by 11 paper poster of Warburton because he liked her pro-life stand and her stance on moral issues in the past legislative session. Ms Friede was said to have threatened to cancel her membership and take others with her if the minuscule poster wasn’t removed at once. It has been reported that she has since been going to other mall merchants trying to get them to join her in demanding that the offending sign be removed. We also understand that a similar poster is displayed in the New Wine Christian Bookstore but has yet to be seen by any of the Democrat hierarchy.

I guess we were mistaken when we dared think that the term “free election” meant that a voter could support whomever they desired but this reminds me of the stories of the Democrat organized KKK rallies to discourage blacks from voting for Republicans during the reconstruction period after the civil war or in fact from even voting at all. Is this what we have become in good old backwoods Havre Montana?
On the bright side it would seem that any of the Republican candidates this year wouldn’t have to work to hard at getting elected if this is the type of election tactics the Democrat party leaders are advocating.

I would guess that anyone wanting to show support for Mr. Horne and the Zoo Health Club by starting a membership in his club would be offered some sort of “boycott special” rate while this boycott is in effect. Tell them you saw it in the Corrector!

Sign up for this week’s special membership offer at the Zoo Health Club in Havre here


  1. I remember this awful woman’s attack on the poor pizza guy from way back. It sure is interesting that all the people that talk about tolerance for the Muslims, mosques, gays, and attacks on family values now would take the approach of intolerance for a Christian person that supports someone that aligns with his beliefs

    This is a true example of a hypocrite in its worst form. The real question is will the Christians in this town now wake up and help Wendy to continue as our representative or will they sit idly by while these forces of evil try to defeat her with a person that will adhere to the Democrat agenda of abortion and sick liberal over the top sex education programs?

    British statesman Edmund Burke said, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil in America is for good men to do nothing”

  2. Why doesn't this suprise me?

    Sure isn't saying much for the Dana Seidel campaign if this is the best help she can muster. Between Friede, Thackeray and the rest of these lamebrains helping her in her campaign she has a tough row to ho

  3. It would seem that business people in Havre would want to pull together instead of spending all their energy trying to tear someone down

    I have never understood what Debi and her complainers hope to accomplish with these self defeating actions

    Enough!!!!!!!!!! You should be ashamed of your big mouth Debi

  4. A couple of quick thoughts:

    1 - This woman has a right to do what she is doing. Doesn't mean it is a smart thing though.

    Leaves one wondering if she is able to recognize the effects of her actions based upon her past.

    2 - The business has every right to post those signs. However, I really question the business acumen of any business person who would willingly alienate ANY potential customer.

  5. suzyQ said: "The real question is will the Christians in this town now wake up and help Wendy to continue as our representative.."

    What makes you think that Wendy would/should have the support of "all" Christians?

    or will they sit idly by while these forces of evil try to defeat her with a person that will adhere to the Democrat agenda of abortion and sick liberal over the top sex education programs?

    Ah, so Democrats are forces of evil huh? You are aware that there are tons of Christian Democrats right? And if you think the Democratic agenda is abortion and sex ed you really need to expand your knowledge. Sheesh.

    BTW - I'm a Republican who finds your hyperbolic, fact-averse rant offending.

  6. Oops, should be "offensive" not "offending".

  7. This would be a good excuse for all us chubbos, flabbies, porkers and knurly body types to join the Zoo health club and show we aren’t all as ignorant as the Democrats that constantly write letters to the editor and try to boycott people that they don’t agree with. A few of us that never attend those official Democrat meetings are not as stupid as the people in the limelight so please don’t judge all Democrats by the minority of backwards inbreeds that are always in the news.

    I vote for good people on both sides of the isle and have never understood people that straight line vote because of party.

    Surelyujest I do respectively disagree with you on your point about the judgment of any business person who would willingly alienate ANY customer. The reason the country is in the state it is in is because business people, as well as the rest of us, do not stand up for what is right. Just look at the Christmas Holiday for cripes sake, no one even dares to put up a nativity scene in their window for fear of losing an almighty dollar. It is time more people took a stand for something even if others don’t agree.

    Someone has to be first and while I may not agree entirely with Horne’s every position I still congratulate him on being willing to take a stand to do what he perceives as the right thing to do.

    What would happen if everyone was as ignorant as D Friede and boycotted the yummy foods – taco johns where she works?

  8. I also would'nt put a candidates flyer in my business window but i may put one at home.And also if i seen a poster i didn't endorse at a business it may discourage me from shopping there.I am a democrat but thackerey and friede definatly changed my vote.Listening to there rants made up my mind to vote for Warburton.Also if i owned a business I would gladly display the nativity seen.

  9. If people would start voting for a "particular person" and stop voting for a "particular party" our government would probably be in better shape.

    You seriously judge a candidate by what some so called supporter says or does? Really? That's a sad state of affairs. Candidates do not pick who backs them and to what degree or what level of craziness. Do you really think Dana or any other Democrat reads Mr. Thackeray's letters before he submits them? Do you think the democratic candidates told Ms. Friede to boycott a business? Highly unlikely on both counts.

    Again, it's wrong to vote for the opposition based on what a supporter or in some cases a non-supporter says or does. What are we accomplishing with that line of thinking?

    I have no problem entering a business that supports a particular candidate. I may not agree with them, but that's the beauty of our country. Freedom of speech, choice, expression...

    All democrats are not pro abortion, pro unhealthy sex education and non Christian. Putting people in boxes is what hurts our community, our state and our country.

    Let's use some common sense here.

  10. You know as I have been thinking about these dirty deeds done cheap by the local Democrat hoodlums today I have gotten over my disgust and now see the positive side to this deplorable action. As long as the likes of Friede, Thackray, and Tretheway keep identifying themselves as Democrat Central committee members while they are blabbing all over town, filing ACLU suits, threatening churches with separation of church and state issues, boycotting businesses, and in general berating their Republican opponents with that twang of disgust in their voices it is like mania from heaven for the Republican candidates

    I would venture a guess that Ms Warburton received more support and had more campaign checks dropped in the mail today then she had gained in the last two weeks wearing out her shoes going door to door attempting to gain votes and financial support. I am going to drop her a few bucks myself to print up some nice color posters for the rest of the businesses that want to display one

    I hope they keep it up because not one Democrat can win with this kind of help

  11. This is good

    I can hardly wait to see what Judy Greenwood has to say about this ambassador from her business. She will probably lose more business over this so called boycott then the health club will

    Just a little advice about how you get a boycott to work Deb. You have to have a following that agrees with you before you can have any power. Why not boycott the whole mall because Deb is there? The mall merchants better call an emergency meeting.


  12. the fallacy is, of course, that any of US are going to win anything.
    so all this amounts to the same thing grade schoolers do at the breakfast table...

  13. to Mama you are absolutely right about judging a candidate by their supporters unfortunately some do.Now if thakeray,trethrey or freide would have supported for example,randolph instead of gina dahl,i would have had a bad taste in my mouth but i still would have voted for randolph.If a store put dahls picture in their window i would go to a different store but it would be my personal choice i wouldn't try to make a public boycott out of it.

  14. Havre Hillbilly said: Surelyujest I do respectively disagree with you on your point about the judgment of any business person who would willingly alienate ANY customer.

    You raise a valid point and one that others obviously agree with. I personally would not do that but each business owner can weigh the potential effect on their business.

  15. I can agree with Mamma’s assessment to some degree but these candidates have been having campaign strategy sessions with their respective political party committees every week for a long time. I know the Democrats have been regularly meeting at the mall with the candidates and I saw the Republican candidates meeting with their party people just last night as I drove by their office.

    Do you really think that a group that meets at the mall where the sign was posted with their candidates which includes Warburton’s opponent did not talk about a strategy to combat the support of local business people? Furthermore, why does anyone really care about the support of one business man anyway other than the fact that they want to frighten others from making a public statement of support for a Warburton?

    Logical thinking would say that Dana as a candidate meets with and takes advice from her party as do other candidates from their parties. People like Thackeray and Frieda attend these meetings and always identify themselves as party leaders and people of political power when they do these idiotic things so the Democrat candidates do know them personally and do listen to them. I can understand maybe Dana didn’t know that Thackeray was going to attack Warburton the first time and may have been caught by surprise but she had ample opportunity to stop him if she didn’t agree with his dirty politics and she did nothing as he attacked over and over numerous times with his distorted rhetoric. This Frieda ding-bat is well known for spewing her republican hatred and these great ideas she has like this boycott at every central committee meeting so it is a stretch for me to even give Dana a pass on this one but I will this time for the sake of fairness but she needs to get her advisors, helpers and supporters in check if she wants to win.

    Fedup I would never not do business with someone because they supported a particular candidate because this is a small town and some of these candidates are personally connected with or are friends with these business owners. I am in numerous organizations that have members I don’t agree with politically but I am still friends with them. Maybe the business owner could even be related to the candidate.

    We can agree to disagree without boycotting someone. It was an ignorant idea when it was done to the pizza man and it is an ignorant idea now

  16. I noticed the paper could run an stupid anti gun article with piss poor reporting that took something our congressman said out of context tonight but still hasn't reported on this little story about this insane woman

    For that I say thanks to the havre daily corrector for telling us about this and you have given me the motivation to start speaking out

    I have been reading your blog for about 6 months but hadn't signed up to post but I will be from here on. Have you seen the stupid facebook page the harve paper has? I also signed up for facebook just so I could comment there about their piss poor anti gun article in tonights paper

    Don't anyone delude yourselves. Obama and McDonald want to have gun control

    Gun locks my ass

  17. And Tim Leeds is one dam piss poor reporter to have printed that story and changed the whole meaning of what Rehberg said

    Dould you do a post about that here corrector?

  18. Seriously people, it's a small town, what do you expect? Cats and dogs living together?

  19. First off, when Republicans STOP thinking they can/should legislate morality and START focusing on sound conservative financial issues they will get support from people like me. Not sure why they think their morals and values should be legally mandated for everyone?? And just what this blog was in need of is another "redneck" to add to the mix. Uhhh redneck Joe the HDN probably saw this story for what it is. A NON story. This is one lady (unless I missed something and the local democrats gathered and agreed to support this ban??) who wants to ban a business, who happens to be a democrat. The OTHER is our elected republican senator?? Really, you don't see the difference? Really... run redneck, Obama has nothing more pressing to worry about in this country and is focusing all his attention on how to take your precious guns away...scaaaaryyyyy!! LOL

  20. Yeah red I already noticed months ago that you prefer rednecks and others you don't agree with to keep their opinions to themselves because they are too stupid to have opinions


  21. Is this small piece of paper taped to a door really worth all the discussion here?

  22. I was thinking that too De

    Our effort is just a few typed comments but these boycotters actually put a bunch of effort and anger into this one little piece of paper

    Doesn't say much for our Democrats leaders thinking does it?

  23. I ordered pizza when the uproar occured before and if necessary, I would sign up at the Zoo.
    It's pretty sad that a business would consider not putting up a poster supporting a candidate simply because they don't want to alienate simpletons.
    That's why all local races should be without party designation. If we could get past the little d or the little r behind the names, maybe we would actually take the time to know what candidates stand for. Who knows, you might find you have a lot more in common with someone of the opposite party than you thought.

  24. Thinker said: It's pretty sad that a business would consider not putting up a poster supporting a candidate simply because they don't want to alienate simpletons.

    I highly doubt any business owner is concerned with "simpletons". Each one that I know that doesn't put up political signs and the like is because they are concerned with their customers.

    You know, the people that keep a business going.

  25. you all missed to point this chubby woman was probably looking for another good excuse to not go to the gym and work out and this is as good as any.

  26. "Simpletons" would be the very narrow scope of braindead customers who would actually make a business decision on what person a business may favor in an election.
    What are we? In junior high? If your neighbor puts up a sign for someone you don't support, do you not invite them to the neighborhood bbq? If your childs coach puts up a sign you don't agree with at their house, do you pull them from the team.
    Lets grow up, people. Junior High is over.

  27. Thinker said: If your neighbor puts up a sign for someone you don't support, do you not invite them to the neighborhood bbq?

    Faulty comparison. My neighbor isn't a business and I would be inviting them. I don't invite businesses over.

    It's pretty clear that you are not a business owner. In todays economy a business owner cannot afford to alienate any potential customer and if you think some members of the public don't make buying decisions for a variety of reasons you are living in a cave.

  28. Surely:

    I agree with you that this economy is difficult, but giving up my freedom of speech because I might alienate a few shallow-minded, elitist twits who cannot stand a little disagreement is worth it to me!

    I am quite vocal in my political opinions in my business and I can honestly tell you it hasn't hurt my business one bit, in fact it continues to grow. Have I lost some potential customers because of my views, honestly I am sure I have, but I don't know how to measure that. It's sort of like Obama's saved jobs--how do you measure a saved job?

    Ok, now I am really gonna tick a few of you a businessperson how in the heck could you even think of supporting the job-killing, small business taxing, socialisits in charge now? If we were being honest with ourselves everyone should have a Wendy sign in their windows because the other side, hasn't helped small business one bit. My taxes haven't gone down, my health insurance has gone up and the regulations that govern my business continue to expand. Tell my why I should support the Dems???

  29. I agree with you that this economy is difficult, but giving up my freedom of speech because I might alienate a few shallow-minded, elitist twits who cannot stand a little disagreement is worth it to me

    And that is certainly your choice. But as you note, you've probably lost some business as a result. To you it's worth it, to others it may not be worth it or they may not be able to sustain any potential loss.

    Lastly, why the need to denigrate those who also use their right to choose who to do business with? "elitist twits"? Really?

  30. Surely,
    Don't be too sure of your assumptions.
    I personally have never displayed any political posters in my business, however, I will fully defend the right of any business owner who chooses to do so.
    I do have serious reservations about anyone who would make a business decision based on the political preference of a business owner. If you are going to make your business decisions based on such silly things, what the heck do you base your political decisions on?
    The comparison to the neighbor or any one else is completely valid. If you won't patronize a business because they have different political views, the neighbor & bbq is valid. If you didn't like hunting would you not patronize a business that has a sign up promoting ducks unlimited? If you are a vegan, would you not go to a grocery store that sold meat.
    How about making your business decisions on whether the business provides you with what you want at a reasonable price and provides good service rather than who they might support polically.

  31. If you are going to make your business decisions based on such silly things, what the heck do you base your political decisions on

    Speaking of assumptions. I, personally, don't make decisions on where I shop based upon such issues. However, many do and that was my point.

    How about making your business decisions on whether the business provides you with what you want at a reasonable price and provides good service rather than who they might support polically

    I do. How about reading and comprehending what I've actually posted and not what you think it says. Sheesh.

    Bottom line: Some folks do indeed make decisions on where to transact business because of such things. Would you seriously argue that there are people who don't? I know of many businesses that won't post such signs so that isn't even a question.

  32. Well, surely, that was my point, too. There are simpletons that will make their business decision based on such a stupid thing as a poster in the window.
    The reason that I choose not to display support for any candidates is that in the past, and in the current election, I have friends running opposite of each other in races. My choice was either post everyone who asks or no one. I opted for no one.
    Since we both agree that there are idiots (not you) that use a political stance on where they shop, maybe some of them could enlighten us business owners what is ok in their feeble minds and what isn't. For instance, I saw a person in a pick-up with a business name puttin up a political sign in an empty lot that I know to be owned by another business owner. Is that ok on either part or should we organize a boycot. If a local business posts a sign supporting a school levy or the 4 for 2, should we boycot them, too. Should I not o to a church if it's pastor is running for an office?
    I'm just looking for some clarification.

  33. Thinker I also noticed a campaign sign in a local businessman’s lot that promoted one of the Democrat candidates. Will Debi Friede and the Democrats organize a boycott of that business also or does she reserve her boycotting efforts for only business people that support Republican pro-life people?

  34. Your honor,
    I'm going to go out on a limb here and bet not. I'm sure it will be a selective outrage. But I could be wrong....

  35. It looks like we are never going to agree about this subject. What we can agree on is that Debi Friede is stupid-stupid-stupid and should be banned from being a spokesman for the Democrat party.

    What I am going to do from now until the election is make it a point to do EXTRA business with any business that puts up a sign or brochure promoting a candidate or one of the ballot measures no matter the political party and even if I disagree with them. More people need to stand by their convictions and behind their beliefs instead of cowering in the corner because they have wet their pants

    I will not be bullied by the likes of Debi Friede

  36. I always believed that I lived in a country where freedom of speech was protected under the Constitution. It is part of the Bill of Rights so, correct me if I'm wrong but, doesn't that mean we have the right to express our views, whether anyone likes them or not?

    As Evelyn Beatrice Hall said (although attributed to Voltaire), "I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

    So, let's drop this petty, silly bickering, agree to disagree, pick up our toys, go home and let this businessman make a living.