Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Healthy Montana Kids

It is election time again and I have been hearing allot of political rhetoric about the dirty low-downs that supposedly voted against the kids that need healthcare because they didn’t support this vote or that vote. Everyone wants to know that the children of Montana are being taken care of and we would agree that someone that voted to deny a poor child healthcare would be a despicable individual indeed.

I ran across a brochure for the Healthy Montana Kids (HMK) which is what we are calling the Children’s Health Insurance Program (Chip) these days. What I found interesting was that a family with 4 children (Ma – Pa – and 4 kids) can actually earn close to $74,000 and still receive coverage. If these same families pay for daycare this can be used add to the income requirements.

HMK says health care coverage through their program is either free or if there is any co-pay it will be limited to $215 per year per family.

Personally I think that a family earning in excess of $74,000 (or $92,525 with 6 kids) could most likely afford to pay a wee bit more than the co-pay requirement of $215 per year. Don’t get me wrong, kids should never be denied healthcare but there needs to be some hope of personal responsibility from those parents that use this program to take care of their kids when they can afford to pay for a portion themselves.

So was a vote against expanding the income thresholds and saving a few shekels for Montana taxpayers really a vote “against the children” or was it a vote for fiscal restraint and personal responsibility?  Is all this just another opportunity for warring candidates to throw barbs at each other?


  1. health care brings out the idiot in idiots.
    we are told that we are "the greatest nation in the world"...
    we are ranked 37th in health care by the WHO behind several third world nations. of course, the money that would get our medical up to standard is spent providing military assistance to every single nation that outranks us.
    it is a question of priorities.
    we believe in "free education" (check your tax bill) and despite spending the second most (almost $12k per student) on "free education" we rank 18th in the world...
    behind countries we GIVE pricey military toys.
    we should rule the world in education and it shouldn't matter how much medical care the average family gets. it should be free.
    by the way...
    your average corps-rat hands out unlimited med packages to their upper level thieves...
    that's free for them because YOU pay for it...
    just like your members of con-gress.

  2. It does seem like everyone trys to figure out how to get everything for free nowadays.

    Even with a family of 6 $74,000 income should leave you enough where you could pay something towards your doctor bill without the taxpayers (you and me) having to pickup all the bill. Before this I-155 passed it was set at a $53,000 a year threshold.

    These types of storys are yet another reason to again vote for Warburton. She was the only representative from this area that wanted the $215 co pay to be more in line with the recipients income

    From what I can learn she questions every government spending legislation to protect the taxpayers

    How can we afford not to have her back in the legislature this next term? And I like the fact that she can take a punch from the likes of Friede and keep on smiling

  3. Don't get me wrong freddy I care about my wallet but with the state of affairs as they are in this country I am most concerned with my gun rights. Where dos Warburten stand on that?

  4. ok just for fun redneck, please explain your fear to me? I don't understand why you are so scared? Didn't Obama say something about certain Americans clinging to their guns and religion?? I believe he got a lot of flack for it, but it seems he may of had a point?? ummmm??

  5. Redneck Joe, check out Wendy's web site on the gun rights. ""Rated "A" by National Rifle Association (NRA)" Her web site is www.wendywarburton.com/issues.html

  6. If Wendy would get off her moral high horse and stop thinking she can/should/would legislate morals than I might support her. She seems to be focusing 75% of her campaigning on moral issues tho, so I can't.

  7. And of course you can't vote for her anyway Red because you live in East Helena

  8. and of course I didn't say vote freddy, cuz I don't live there...I specifically said support...thanks tho!!

  9. Thanks Barry I was happy to see such a good report by the NRA. That's it for me I am going for Warburton. Shes not too hard on the eyes either

    Is she single?

  10. And as for Red I think that most of the problems we have in north eastern Montana is caused by people in Helena so your being against Warburton is yet another reason to vote for her

    Thanks for helping me make up my mind

  11. part of the problem, in my opinion, is the rich and powerful cartel-like AMA lobby propaganda slogan, which goes like this:
    for example, wanna exersize? see your doctor wanna diet? see your doctor wanna have sex? see your doctor, to make sure your healthy enough. On top of all this, the AMA lobby has had a hand in restricting medical school admissions. So, you need to see your doctor for everything, but the supply of doctors is squeased... any one else see a problem there?

  12. back to the "pay your way" in medicine mentality...
    most industrial nations don't require that you pay (an alaska quitter-gov has been known to use such programs while voting against it in the homeland).
    i don't see a need for an american citizen to pay if 60% of corps-rats pay 0 taxes.
    is this country OURS or theirs...
    ok stupid question.
    united corporations of the world...
    with you paying both ends...
    and your vote meaning nada.

  13. It should also be mentioned how disasterous elder care is in this country.

    Not only is there frequent reports of elder abuse, sometimes at the hands of poorly trained and poorly paid caretakers, the rest homes quickly take ALL money a person may have accumulated in life.

    It is shameful how these people are treated.

  14. Sooooo redneck, does that mean you aren't going to explain your totally irrational fear of losing your guns to me? Dang it...I was hoping to learn something!!

  15. I was interested in that as well. Every time a Democratic President is in office the NRA ramps up their donation requests to ward off those who would take our guns.

    Funny part is, no one is going to take away our guns.

  16. Are you serious Surly? Hillary Clinton has spent the last two years negotiating with the world powers for world wide gun control as part of our so called treaties. Gun registration and tracking was the first step in getting the citizens private guns in Germany, China, and a host of rouge nations and now we have followedd suit. Failing outright votes on gun control now has the gun grabbers introducing legislation to regulate and control ammunition. Ask any gun owner about this

    Don't be naive and cynical because you will be the first to cry about it when they finally get their way

  17. Redneck-

    You put the NUT in gun-NUT

    Organization is not the strong suit of any of these entities.

  18. gentlemen...
    don't worry about gun control...
    "they" don't care about them...
    worry about AMMO control.

  19. Redneck - I am absolutely serious. No one is going to be taking away our guns.

  20. I will lay money that when the campaign advertising starts one side will erroneously claim some candidate voted NO to taking care of the health of our kids instead of the truth which is some voted no to people earning up to $92,000 a year receiving free medical care. I agree with providing health care to the kids from poor families but people with a decent income should have to pay at least substantial co-pays

    This is a perfect example of a worthwhile government program that has grown out of control

  21. I will lay money that when the campaign advertising starts one side will erroneously claim some candidate voted NO to taking care of the health of our kids instead of the truth which is some voted no to people earning up to $92,000 a year receiving free medical care.

    Holy cow Your Honor! If you want some free money, just ask for it. Of course someone will make that statement or one similar to it. LOL