Monday, November 1, 2010

Havre Daily Corrector - One Year and Counting

Our efforts at the Havre Daily Corrector have officially reached the one year old mark today. We kicked this blog off back on November 1 of 2009 with what could be called a spam solicitation to every e-mail address we could gather in the Havre area. We hope you have enjoyed the opportunity this blog has provided to comment on current issues. Our blog counter has had over 48,000 hits since that first invitation went out  back in November of 2009 and we hope to be able to double that number by next November. Thanks to all our readers and a special thanks to those that regularly participate and send us tips.

Here’s to a great second year!


  1. congrats Corrector! To quote ponytail Bill - You guys are a kick!

    I really enjoy this blog. Thanks and keep it up!

  2. Congrats and keep up the Highline headlines.

  3. What I love the most about this blog is that you never have pictures of Democrats parading around the college pretending to be interested during elections

  4. Thanks for your time and comitment to the real side of the activity here. It is too bad more people don't check it out for the underbelly of the county and city operation.