Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It appears "No Earmarks Ever" Tester is now for Earmarks

Anyone remember this picture of Jack Abramoff that our Senator “No Earmarks Ever” Tester used repeatedly in his 2006 Senate Campaign against incumbent Conrad Burns? Abramoff was on the verge of being convicted for “influence peddling” and pay-offs by trading favors and promoting earmarks for his clients. Abramoff eventually was sentenced to a 6-year term in the federal prison and is currently residing in a Baltimore half-way house awaiting his release after serving 3-1/2 years.

“No Earmarks Ever” Tester repeatedly claimed Senator Burns was in bed with Abramoff and he promised he would never-ever join in the “Culture of Corruption” which he falsely accused Burns of joining because of his campaign donation from Abramoff. Tester further went on record numerous times saying “Quite frankly, I don't support earmarks, period.”  Interestingly, Burns was exonerated yet we never heard one peep from Tester apologizing for his false accusations during the campaign.

According to the Weekly Standard “No Earmarks Ever” Tester has been instrumental in over 239 earmarks since he was elected and is even releasing press releases to us ignorant yucks back home bragging on his “Earmarking abilities.” Whatever happened to that No Earmarks Ever promise Jon? Apparently that was all campaign rhetoric that was forgotten once he joined what he campaigned against which was the “Culture of Corruption” in Washington, DC.

Today Senator Tester got his chance to go on record in his alleged quest began in 2006 to eliminate earmarks and missed the opportunity as the Senate failed to garner enough votes to pass the proposed ban on earmarks. The Flint Report had this to say about the proposed earmark ban;
Noticeably absent from the list of Dems up in 2012 who voted for the earmark ban: Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT), who campaigned against the use of earmarks in his 2006 race, saying, “I’m opposed to earmarks, period”
Scroll ahead to the 9 minute mark on this video to hear it said by Mr. Jon "No Earmarks Ever Tester" in his own words during the Tester – Burns debate in Bozeman back in the 2006 campaign.

Certainly there will be those that claim Montana will be short changed if earmarks are eliminated but the country needs to get back on track towards fiscal responsibility. Earmarks are just a smaller portion of the waste in our government but they are the oil that lubricates the passage of huge deficit spending bills. Anyone remember all the “favors” given to those that voted for the ObamaCare bill? It is but one example of a bill that would have failed if not for the votes garnered by the lubricating earmarks attached.

So come on Jon ……………… You promised the voters of Montana better. No Earmarks and No “Culture of Corruption” yet you have already joined the den of vipers you campaigned against.  Have you forgotten that you barely squeaked by Burns by a mere 3,000 votes?


  1. It's not too hard to figure out - Tester lied. Many Times.

  2. Steve Daines of Bozeman will be getting my vote over lying Tester in 2012. At least he won’t be a representative for California like Tester

  3. The only one I believed and who had a clue about what is really going on in DC was that Stan Jones guy! He is right about the Patriot Acts, Homeland Security is for YOU and ME not some Haji in a cave half way around the world! It does nothing to make you or me safe but its a great reason for idiots to give up their rights. Try getting on a plane without having ur balls cooked in a naked body scanner or getting groped by Chester the molester! Nazi Germany in 1933 it was "Papers Please" then by 1940 get ur butt on the cattle car we have a job and a free shower for you at the end of the line!

  4. Jon Tester was in office less than 6 months when he was tied to criminal Norman Hsu who was convicted of robbing millions from investors in a Ponzi scheme and of making illegal backdoor campaign donations to Democrat candidates including Tester.

  5. but freddy...
    stevie will lie too...
    it's in the job description.

  6. while we are at it...
    for the purpose of balance...
    it came out today that tea-party candies scored $1 bil in earmarks...
    of all the thieves the biggie for the whole band was the denny ray-bergster....over $100 mil.
    as one of the richest thieves in the house...
    has he ever lied?

  7. We must remember the name Norman Shu; He put over 8 thousand dollars in Tester's account the very same way Jack A. did in Burns account. We need to start every debate with that question and respond with: "You need to be honest with the voters senator".