Friday, September 9, 2011

Businesses Ban “Select” Customers

I have loved all the people here in Havre that over the years have been quick to boycott this or that business because something was said or done by the business that offended them. Michigan bar and restaurant owners have banded together to BAN the legislators that passed the no smoking ban in Michigan. This is a novel idea that should also be used in Havre.

City council shoved some inane ordinance down your throat or gave you the “up yours” response when you have beseeched their help? School board cost you a big increase in your tax only to give it away to a departing superintendent? County commissioners lie to you about the problems at the new landfill? Ban them from even entering your business! You have the right as a private property owner to refuse service to anyone
I am going to have to ponder this idea for awhile

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  1. If you ban them as customers you would be as self defeating as the democrats that have organized those past boycotts against Havre businesses