Thursday, September 1, 2011

Senator Jonathan Windy Boy's Tax "Issues"

Back on August 22 the Havre Daily Corrector did a post about the Business “Savvy” of a couple of our legislators. We mentioned that State Senator Jonathan Windy Boy recently had a $33,000 federal tax lien placed against him for failure to pay his 940 tax. The folks over at Montana Watchdog noticed this little tidbit in our story and did a little deeper investigating and lo and behold we had just scratched the tip of the iceberg as to the poor Senators problems. On August 25 the Montana Watchdog story revealed Windy Boy’s tax problems ran into a lien of over $134,000 that has piled up over the years.

After the Montana Watchdog posted their story statewide on the 25th and other sources were citing the Watchdog the local Havre Daily “News” finally decided they better cover the story on September 1st. Now considering these liens have been filed numerous times over the last couple of years and the Havre Daily “News” has access to all our local public records why didn’t they break this story earlier? Were they trying to be “fair and balanced” or were they protecting someone just because he is one of their favored Democrats? Thanks to the Montana Watchdog running this story statewide so you now know the rest of the story.

Like the Montana Watchdog story the Havre paper quoted Windy Boy as saying he “has his tax team on it and the matter would be resolved”. Tax Team? Who do you suspect that might be? Is it former embezzling tribal chairman Jake Parker and Roni Deutch the tax lady that advertises on TV?  Now don't you worry about the Senator's financial wisdom as he is much better managing the tax-funded millions spent in his job at the legislature than he is with managing his own affairs.

Give the Havre Daily “News” paper a call at 265-6795 and ask them why they insist upon keeping us in the dark


  1. You always bitch about the paper

    There is never anything factual in it anyway so do like I do and don't get the paper

    Nobody is going to do or say one thing to Windy Boy for fear of being called a bigot

  2. The guy already earned a fortune just being on the council. What kind of income did he get for this consulting work and from whom? Something smells bad with this extra income of Windyboys

  3. Does anyone know what the difference between civil and criminal liability in this?

    Could Senator Windy Boy be facing criminal charges? Do they just keep declaring liens and seize assets?

    One would have thought opponents running against him would have uncovered this. This looks really bad.

  4. Again, if an opponent were to bring this up they would be branded racist and it would be political suicide. Rest assured if it were anyone else, it never would have gone on this long. With the amount of money he owes, I would like to know why this was not brought to light years ago. And who are his so called "tax team", and who is paying that bill.

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