Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pesky Campaign Finance Laws Apparently Don’t Apply to Democrats Running for City Council

Vote No to this Dimwit
It would seem that Havre City council person Bob Kaul is trying to pull another fast one on the Havre electorate. You may recall that Kaul is the dimwit that actually turned the City into the Board of Labor and Industry as well as to the cities insurance company because he saw city employees putting up Christmas lights in the city bucket truck while not properly secured in said bucket. Kaul recently filed for reelection to his position on the council and apparently he thinks he is so loved by the Havre residents in his ward that he filed a campaign finance report that swears he is not going to spend one thin dime on his reelection campaign. That is zero dollars from either campaign donations or from his personal “early retirement” stash from his few years at the railroad.

Local Republicans have taken notice and have pointed out to the Corrector that any expenditure, including even the use of previously purchased campaign signage and materials from the last campaign or help from the local Democrat Party qualifies as an expenditure in this current campaign. Considering Kaul’s love of the limelight and his constant efforts to be quoted in the “news” paper as an intelligent council person we at the Corrector are skeptical that he is being forthcoming with his intentions to just lie in the weeds in his election battle with his Republican challenger Rick Dow. Funny how the local Democrats are never bothered by those pesky campaign finance laws except when they are leading the charge against someone else.

Seeing this guy reelected would be a crying shame after all his antics this last term which by the way, he won by default because the local Republicans never even bothered to recruit a candidate to run against him. Apparently the local GOP has learned their lesson because not only have they found a guy to run against him this time but they have actually recruited a person with some actual intelligence. Just in case you are interested in helping to make sure that Kaul, the very worst of the eight council people is defeated his challenger Rick Dow is actively soliciting campaign contributions to be elected to the Havre City Council Ward 3 and donations can be sent to Dow 4 City Council at 80 15th St. Havre Montana

Do your part – Help send this Rat out of the council and back to his hole


  1. I know Rick Dow and he is too intelligent for this council. He might mess up their track record of failure.

  2. A petty matter but you are right; the Democrats would be all over this like stink on a cow pie if the shoe was on the other foot.

    You don’t have to convince me about Bob Kaul either as I am one of those anybody but Bob Kaul voters no matter what party he or she may belong.

  3. The Havre Daily must get the news from this blog.

    I noticed that you reported this story, the dump mess, the Windboy tax problem and several others a good while prior to the newspaper every saying anything about anything.

    Keep it up!

  4. All I can say is thank god for Andrew I wonder if he also had questions as to the amount of money Kaul spent on gas to drive to the courthouse to report his spendings. Andrew is just as stupid as Kaul and his blunders with annexation should show just how great he is. Annex first plan later, good one smart guy.

  5. I have been gone for most of the summer traveling and I guess not much has changed in little ole Havre. Everyone is still pointing to bad behavior to defend their actions.

    The way I see this is if it's the law, it's the law. No matter how small a matter it is, Kaul should have to play by the same rules as Dow or whoever is running.

    I read the Havre Daily's article on this too and I missed the whole thing about the sign and Dritshulas, wow!! Glad someone has some cajones left!

    Is it petty, yeah, but that is Andrew's job to point this stuff out, I am sure the Dems spend just as much times as he does pointing out their shortcomings too. I seem to recall a little brouhaha about Rowlie Hutton not having the proper disclaimer on a mailer last year and the Dems through a fit too. So this is just politics.

    Annexation? Where did that come from Fuelburner? Wasn't that like two years ago? I think they are still in court if I remember correctly. Basically that one is just like this, he said she said. The City people with Andrew in the lead (and do you really think Andrew did this one on his own? Remember Bob Rice and the late Terry Schend were pulling the strings there, I think you give Andrew way too much credit) were doing what they felt was the right thing.

    In Andrew's defense on this one though if everyone feels he did such a bad job, why did I just read that he is running unopposed for re-election? Someone must think he's doing an OK job because no democrat tried to check him out!

    Anyway I missed all you guys, back just in time too I see!!!

  6. oops make that "threw" a fit! Don't know what I was thinking there.

  7. Well Noam to answer your question as to why Andrew is running unopposed it's more than likely because people in Havre including myself would rather sit back and crow about what a clown someone else is instead of putting their self in the fire. A perfect example is the big school board race only one guy ran all the other members held their spot what a sad day and still we read what incompant blunders are going on at the highschool roof project. My pion after all this rambling is we need to quit tearing down others if we expect anyone to run in these races.