Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Commissioners Continue to Depend on the Gullibility of their Constituents

Apparently the “Top-Secret” vote taken by the commissioners last week to replace Senator Hutton with Havre businessman Craig Tilleman continues to bite a couple of our commissioners in the butt. The Corrector has received a couple of e-mails telling us the writers asked the commissioners why they voted for the guy that wasn’t even at the public hearing and who had told them he didn’t want to be considered. Both people said that they were told the vote was by secret ballot and no one knows for sure just who voted for Tilleman and who voted for Richman. Just for the record let’s do the math to see if this “Secret” vote is such a secret after all.
• The Havre Daily “News” reported that the Hill County Commissioners each had a weighted vote of 26.04 votes and the Blaine County Commissioners each had a weighted vote of 7.29 votes.
• There are 3 Hill County Commissioners and 3 Blaine County Commissioners
• The HDN reported that the vote cast for Tilleman was 52.08 votes which coincidently is the same amount as would be cast by two Hill County Commissioners
• The vote for Richman was 47.91 votes which would equal the votes of three Blaine County Commissioners and one Hill County Commissioner
• All three Blaine County Commissioners voting together only had the capacity to cast 21.87 votes
• Just judging by the math it is a fact that the winning votes were cast by just two of the Hill County Commissioners
• So who were they you say? Since Commissioner LaVoi reportedly has stated publically on several occasions he cast his vote for Richman I would venture to guess that the other two that have been telling everyone their vote was secret were in fact the two that voted for Tilleman
Why does it matter? It really doesn’t other than to confirm that these two voted strictly because of party politics because they thought they would never be found out because of the secret ballot.  On the bright side at least we all now know that they aren’t above a dirty trick or a little lie being told to deceive those they are supposed to represent.

So much for another “Top-Secret” dealing in little Havre Montana


  1. Nothing is ever secret for long in Havre. What made them think they could pull this off without some blow back?

  2. You have to remember there were 4 democrats and 2 Republican county commissioners so they wanted to appoint the easiest to beat next year. With all the stupidity I doubt is Tillman even runs for the seat. Republicans would take over the world but they eat their young.

  3. The court house has done things hiding behind closed doors for years. Why did you expect them to change now?