Monday, September 19, 2011

Democrat Fund Raiser A Huge Flop

What’s happened to the local Democrat Party organization? They held their big fund raiser of the year as they do every year during Festival Days and no one showed up. The Havre Daily “News” reported that about 45 people attended. Considering that the dinner was fairly well attended by state wide candidates this dinner couldn’t have drawn over a couple dozen local party members. Also it was odd that during the last election cycle we saw the local Republicans very active in assisting their candidates while the local Democrats sat on their haunches and let every single seat up for election be taken over by the Republicans. What is up with that? Have the local Dems fallen into such a state of disarray that they are no longer a functioning party? It would appear so judging by these recent failures. Maybe they are disenchanted with their savior Obama but you would think after all the “Cowboy Ethics” crap and other nonsense that came out of the Republicans last session they would be energized to the max instead of rolling over and playing dead like they have been. With this kind of support the local Republicans shouldn’t have much fear that they will lose any seats next term.

Former Public Service Commissioner Greg Jergeson did take the opportunity at the dinner to formally announce that he would be filing to run for the Senate seat 17 which was left vacant by the resignation of Republican Senator Rowlie Hutton. The Hill and Blaine County Republican parties recently submitted three names to the Hill and Blaine County commissioners from which they are to choose a replacement for Hutton. The joint commissioners will be publically interviewing the three candidates at a public meeting to be held in the Triangle Telephone meeting room tomorrow night at 7 pm. The list includes retired insurance agent Don Richman from Chinook, local car dealer Craig Tilleman and retired DOT foreman Les Bender. This appointment will only be for the remaining 1st half of the four year term and the appointed person will have to file to run against announced candidate Democrat Greg Jergeson and the winner will fill out the remainder of Senator Hutton’s term. It will be interesting to see if the Democrat controlled Hill and Blaine County Commissioners will appoint the favored candidate selected by the Republicans or if they will attempt to play party politics and appoint the person they think can be defeated by Jergeson the easiest.

I even have to feel bad for the local Democrats that went to the effort to throw a party and no one showed up. Better luck next time.


  1. Nobody want to be a part of the failure of President Obama. It is hard to understand why President Obama isn't receiving a challenge by another Democrat

  2. Maybe they could hold a bake sale or car wash.

  3. People are disappointed in all the “Hope and change”. President Obama ran on the platform of getting our troops back home and cutting the Bush runaway spending. There are now more troops abroad than 4 years ago. Instead of cutting spending Obama tripled our deficit with programs that do nothing but increase our debt.

    Tester ran on the platform of ending corruption in Washington and said he wouldn’t vote for wasteful earmarks. Jon wasn’t in Washington a week and he was meeting with the K street lobbyists he campaigned against and supporting the Pelosi pork laden spending bills.

    Why would anyone want to help democrats here in Havre that are still singing the praises of these two liars? It is time to send them some Ho-Ho’s and bring them on home

  4. Maybe the Hill County Democrats are just sick of being affiliated with people that do under handed things like the two Democrat commissioners just did tuesday night