Thursday, September 15, 2011

More Great News from the Havre High School

The Havre Daily “News” headline last night says there was another $130,000 “Whoopsie” at the Havre High School Roof project. Talcott Construction just happened to notice that there is another large area of structural steel that was not built to specifications back when the roof was built back in 1997. Interesting thing is that the school district hired the engineering firm of Thomas, Dean & Hopkins to inspect the structural framing after the roof collapse and the school let the bid to Talcott Construction based on the engineer’s findings. Nothing was found to be amiss over the gym at that time. Earlier an inspection found that over 4, 0000 square feet of the new roofing was installed improperly and the contractor was made to totally remove and replace those shingles. Just who is supposed to be keeping an eye on this project?

The professional engineer missed this problem which was found by the contractor when one of his construction workers was pulling himself up on a framing member and it bent in his hands. It is nothing that can’t be rectified by the expenditure of another $130,000.

Oh well……….there is plenty more money in the Hill County tax payers pockets if they should ever happen to run low on funds


  1. The clueless guiding the inept who hire the incompetents who are overseen by the hopeless

    Will there be a special election for another bond issue?

  2. I'm starting to think it would be cheaper to pull some double wides onto the school grounds to replace the building. It would have to be cheaper in the long run.