Thursday, September 8, 2011

Weeds On Our Reader's Mind


Where Is Bob Rice When Havre Needs Him?

Has anyone noticed the weeds on the sidewalk in front of the old Post Office in the heart of the downtown and on the historic district avenue of our town?  How sad especially when they were filming a movie directly across the street.

The care of the core business area is abominable since Mayer Bob left!!  Public Works doesn't really give a dam about its appearance either.  Jeff Jensen has his nose up "Peties" ass, - and "Petie" has the mayor "Marshal Dillon" so buffaloed that Havre's so called "Public works" office is an abomination!  Apparently the city council also has no shame either!  Let’s look at some of reps on the council; We have a railroad retiree who graduated from its "rubber room;" then we have a pot smoker who is "Johnny on the spot" for his $200 every payday; Not to forget "rusty towel" baldy who is more interested in golf and ba-kket ball than the way the city looks; ah yes then we have good old "Doc Holiday" who asks 2 hours after a council meeting what was discussed; You would think "Miss Kitty" of EPA fame would take pride in her "fly over city” that she temporarily resides in but no I’m sure all that is on her mind is the rights of the gay community in Missoula; Of course we have the so called Mayor; Apparently they didn't teach "Weed Control" at "Rodeo University."  If they did and he took the course, he is busy teaching what he learned at the Commissioner’s Office!

Why do the so-called downtown business people and our "professional" office people in that area tolerate this joke at city hall without speaking out?  Oh well like our wonderful chamber says...Havre has it! And the weeds too...apparently.


  1. Maybe the bum that owns that property should clean it up a bit.

  2. Say what you will about Bob Rice but this is dead on point that at least he had the pride of ownership when it came to how the city looks.

    It is the annuul town cleanup this weekend and I hope everyone does his part which includes downtown

  3. Mayor Bob you are really a crappy writer.

    The cutesy names would be better in a kindergarten class than here.

  4. must be too expensive to spray?!

  5. You want to see weeds, take a drive around town and look at some of the so called yards people have. I don't understand how some people can get letters on their tall weeds on their property,but others are simply ignored. I'm sure the weed police at public works could find the time to get off their lazy assets and help get this town cleaned up. Maybe some of the slumlords who are sucking up the Section 8 housing payments can clean up the dumps they own.

  6. The property owner should be the guy you are trashing. But his other building looks the same. Oh speaking of the Atrium where is the sidewalk repair being done the money was given this spring but not a finger was lifted to replace them yet.

  7. Don't be to hard on our super heroes,they are most likely to busy with our winter preparedness projects.

  8. Havre has been a better place since Bob LOST the election! And where is "Mr. Havre" now??? HE MOVED AWAY! And I find it ironic you show a picture of the building he was more than HAPPY TO SELL to Todd Hanson, who never paid one dime in property taxes the entire time he owned it!

    Bob cared about how Havre looked as long as it made HIM look good! Next time you pat yourself on the back, Bob, you might want to check for a broken arm!

  9. Bob may have been an arrogant SOB but at least he wasn't lazy

    You can't say that about minimal effort Tim can you?