Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What is wrong with these Havre Republicans?

You may recall that their candidate for Hill County Treasurer, Bill Gupton, recently withdrew from the Hill County Treasurer’s race to take a job in Anaconda. The Republicans are allowed by statute to appoint a replacement candidate for Gupton to run against Democrat Sandy Brown.

It was announced in last night’s Havre Daily "News" that the local Republicans will be meeting Wednesday at the US Bank meeting room at 6 pm to “interview” current Deputy Treasurer Wanda Larson about running in Gupton’s place to take on yet another Hill County Treasurer’s employee, Sandy Brown who was the primary winner over incumbent Carrie Dickson. It is beyond me why HDN reporter Timmy Leeds would consider this a “news” story in the first place other than a partisan attempt to rile up the local voters. See his tripe here

We did a little checking this morning and what has happened is that Wanda Larson has been lobbying the local Republicans about appointing her to fill the vacancy and has also alerted the press as to her desire for the position, hence the newspaper coverage of this “interview” meeting. Those I talked to didn’t know if any other candidates had stepped forward other than Larson but did say that the Republicans are facing a deadline for making an appointment, if any appointment would even be made.

Is the local Republican hierarchy really this stupid? If you want to bring professionalism to the Treasurer’s office I would think that you would want a candidate with no present connection to that office or at the very least find a person with an aversion to the employees growling at the customers and munching HO HO’s while a line is waiting. It is also rumored that primary victor Sandy Brown has made the claim that she will be replacing Wanda Larson as her deputy when she takes office. Could this be what now motivates Wanda to seek this office? If she did desire to seek the office why didn’t she file as the Republican candidate before the primary? Something smells fishy about this whole 11th hour fiasco.

Wanda Larson did run for Treasurer as a Republican in the 2002 election. From what I could gather this morning here’s what happened at that time. Carrie Dickson was up for reelection and fellow county employee Kitty Galbavy filed to run against her in the Democrat primary in midst of a big interoffice brouhaha that was taking place at that time. Carrie, who was good friends with her deputy Wanda Larsen (who went by the name Wanda Mork at that time) thought if Kitty won not only would she be unemployed but most likely Kitty wouldn’t retain Wanda either so she convinced Wanda to file as the Republican to “cover all the bases” in the event Kitty defeated her in the primary. The truth as to the “duping” of the local Republicans came to light after the primary election when Carrie defeated challenger Kitty Galbavy and the so called Republican, Wanda “Mork” Larson, refused to campaign any further to seek the office because their “mission” was accomplished. These poor dumb local Republicans effectively had the wool pulled over their eyes and wound up throwing their angry support at Kitty Galbavy who then ran as a write-in candidate in the general election and was still defeated handily.

Now comes the same scenario being presented to the local yukes at the Republican Party expecting them to again fall for the same old trick. Why are they even giving Wanda the time of day after how she kicked them in the groin in 2002? Apparently there isn’t anyone left in the party that was a member of their group in 2002 or they are dumber then I actually thought.

The poor service and lunch counter attitude at the Treasurer’s office has raised the dander of many taxpayers and has made Hill County the laughing stock of the area yet no one with any credibility seems to desire the job. What is up with that? I have learned that you DO NOT have to have an accounting background to do this job. The preferred candidate would be someone with strong business management and customer service experience, not an accounting background. This job pays over $40,000 per year and has full benefits that are entirely paid by the county. This is a first rate job, why is no one clamoring for this position?



  1. Everyone knows I have been for electing anyone that will take the Twinkies and the giant potato chip bags out of office and back into the lunch box. I doubt either Wanda or Sandy will do that as they have both been there chawing away all this time. What is the deadline for making this appointment?

  2. Hey Freddy why don't you run? You're always on here spouting away, which is fine with me because on this one I happen to agree with you! But that still begs my question why don't you or this Corrector fella run?

    As for the Corrector, put your money where your mouth is, I heard Brekke on the radio say he'd entertain anyone that was interested at the meeting and that of the people he'd contacted most were not interested in the position. How can you blame the GOP if no ones comes forward? They had Gupton and he chose to cut and run, why is it the Repubbies fault? Oh I forgot its Bush's fault!

  3. Unfortunately I already have a job Noam and I am forced to stay there to get my retirement or I would be first in line.

    You speak out on here plenty too so if you run I will be the first to give to a donation for your campaign signs

  4. Everyone should put on their thinking caps and try to come up with some decent names to suggest to the repubbies chairman. There must be someone that would be better than these two

  5. You republicans are quite the group. Sandy switched parties and had all "her people" cross over and vote in the Democratic primary because she knew that if she appeared on the ballot opposite Dickson as a Republican that she would have no chance in the General. The Corrector backed this move by their endorsement of Brown and their trashing of Dickson with unfounded lies about HO-HOs in the office. Now you're crying about a widely known fact. The Republicans are stupid. Yep You guys are a kick.

  6. Bill--again with this inane tripe you continually spew!

    First no one registers their partisan affiliation so if Sandy were a Republican (and she may well be I don't know) how could she "switch" parties to run on the Democratic ticket as you say?

    You also speak with some apparent authority or personal knowledge of this "put up" run by the Republicans? Are you trying to say that the Republicans are playing with this race by convincing Sandy to run as a Democrat and then nominating Bill Gupton to run and are now looking for yet a third candidate?

    You must be certifiable at this point because if you are not then your last statement about Republicans being stupid is flat wrong because Brekke and his ilk would be downright brilliant if this were true!

    Too many of those "kicks" to the head there hey Bill?

  7. I think Dickson should cross over and run as a Repulican. After all this is a non political office and what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

  8. Bill you like to go to Republican events (especially if you can get a free meal) so why don’t you go to the meeting tomorrow night where the Republicans are hearing Wanda Larson proclaim why they should appoint her to take Bill Gupton’s place? Maybe Warburton will be there and you can take some more notes for another of your asinine misguided letters to the editor. Or since you are so brilliant maybe the Republicans would pass over Wanda and appoint you instead?

    Willy, do you really think the Republican chairman would appoint Dickson? WOW ------- you two are real brain surgeons

  9. Jimbo--You definately have me confused with someone else. I have never written a letter to the editor or attended anything remotely associated with the assholes that want to call themselves republicans. But,as ever, you guys are a kick.

  10. My My My

    Dickson supporters do a crappy job of supporting their candidate against an interparty power grab and the excuse is that the republicans all pretended to be democrats?

    That sounds like the same excuse Hillary used when she said all her and Bill's problems were caused by a vast right wing conspiracy

    Yeah, you guys are a kick Bill

  11. Do those television guys that wrote the screen play for Dumb and Dumber know about the people that comment on this blog

    Plenty of ideas here for a sequel

  12. The Republican party should, IMO, draft the best person for the job that they can regardless of political leanings. Party affiliation has zero bearing on running the office.

    If they so happen to run a person without strong (or perhaps no) Republican roots it will be a P.R. bonanza for the R's as they will appear to be doing what is best for the county and not the party.

  13. i agree Surely and I think that's what they are trying to do. One of the GOP called a friend of mine and tryed to reqruit him to take the appointment and they told him they don't care what party he was they said they would even promote a democrat if he was qualified and would do a good job. That just want someone that is ambitious, can think, and that will do a good job

    So it appears they agree with you also Surely

  14. I went to the interview meeting last night and heard the biggest pack of lies and excuses straight from this woman’s lips.

    Here are the highlights from what was said at that meeting. She only threw the republicans under the bus 8 years ago because she was having marriage problems. (Yet she only divorced this past year) She didn’t file for the office because she was gone taking care of her dying step-father. (she didn’t just decide to file because her friend Carrie happened to lose the primary) She would most likely not make any big changes in the office because everything operates great there now. Of the 7 people working there she is the only one that currently works there that ever breaks a sweat, busy, busy, busy every moment she is there. She is so good at her job the local big gun democrats have all begged her to run against Sandy. She has been in that job for 12 years, Sandy has been there 11 yet she (Wanda) is vastly better at her job than Sandy. Everyone at the treasurer’s office just loves her but not so much affection for Sandy. She has an associate degree in business. Carrie has never cross-trained anyone to do the treasurer’s job so it is going to be a mess come January and we need her to “save us”

    The BS was so thick last night it made me want to hurl. The republicans voted to table the appointment because they still have 2 weeks before the deadline. I can hardly wait to hear what the radio and Tim Leeds have to say about this interview meeting

    Is there even a whisper of hope of finding anyone else that would file for this job?

  15. I'm afraid I have to agree with Bill on this one. You guys should have checked out Sandy's incompetency in the job before you lied about Dickson. Jimbo is right about the office being a total mess if Sandy gets the job. I think it's funny that the Corrector's strategy is going backfire, but I don't think the citizens of Hill County deserve this. The meeting last night proves why we've had an able Democrat running this office for almost 20 years with no major problems and why Schend and his crowd can't even find a candidate to run against the cross-over Republican they already have. A fine mess we all have to live with now. It will be fun to watch tho.

  16. Jake you are an idiot. Plain and simple!

    First, Sandy is a Democrat, she ran as a Democrat, was supported by Democrats and yes she was elected by Democrats on the Democrat ticket in the Democrat Primary! Period!

    You can say all you want about how the Republicans went out and recruited this half-wit to run, but I can tell you that makes zero sense. Why on earth would they have backed Gupton then if they had the winning Democrat already in the bag?

    Dems were not all that impressed with Carrie either by the way, there was a lot of infighting as I understand it between those lining up to support Carrie and those who supported Sandy.

    Your statement about an able Democrat running that office for 20years is interesting too. It contradicts all your previous statements about Sandy being a Republican. And if the Dems did such a great job, then why did Carrie get sent to the curb?

    Also what lies are you referring to? Carrie's own staff runs against her and according to Wanda on more than one occasion last night she apparently made reference to the fact that Carrie will be leaving in January and will not be returning. Yep they did a great job alright. Somebody must have had a problem with Carrie Dickson.

    Oh and by the way Jake, Schend hasn't run the party for over two years now and you can't blame him now as the poor guy is sick as a dog and I'm told is not involved in the party hierarchy. Brekke (the HoHo King) runs the party, it's his show!

  17. There you go making false statements again Bill. The Havre Daily Corrector never ever made any endorsement of Sandy Brown. We did endorse Bill Gupton just for the sake of a change and some new leadership

    I have checked high and low and have yet to find any evidence that the local republicans had any kind of systematic approach to voting on the Democrat ticket to muck up the democrat primary. I would guess that many people did vote on the democrat ticket as there were no other contested races. Before you accuse us of something Bill try doing a search in the “Search this blog” box in the upper left hand corner of this page and you will see every story in which we even mentioned Sandy Brown, good or bad.

    Like usual Bill, you are just plain WRONG!

  18. Could any more time be wasted discussing one job, that is basically a clerk?

    May one suggest a duel on the courthouse lawn?

    Dueling pistols have become passe, so swords might be the way to go.

    Worked pretty good for Burr, not so much for Hamilton.

    To make such a big deal out of this position certainly gives the impression that there are underhanded deals are being made, and certain people need to be in positioned.

    It doesn't pass the smell test.

  19. Running down Dickson's running of the office with blatant lies about HO-Ho's amount to the same thing as endorsing the incompetent Brown who had trouble getting my license plates without asking for help.

    The only other person to fill the job being rejected by the republicans is a real hoot.

    They should draft Dickson if only to spare the citizens of Hill County the embarrassment of 4 years of the incompetent Brown.

  20. I license as many vehicles as any one and the only problem is the machine is slow. Sandy B. is well aware of the procedure and I see little reason to run her down.