Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bills to Cure the "Boozers"

I absolutely love the Flint Report that is found over on the Northern Ag Network website. The author, Aaron Flint, posts breaking news and comments throughout the day. Today Aaron pointed out HD 58 Representative Krayton Kerns very interesting take on why the Governor called all the incoming legislatures a “bunch of boozers” a couple of weeks ago. With over 15 legislative actions being formulated to cure the drunken driving problem in Montana Krayton asserts that every legislator will be afraid to vote against any of the Governors “solutions” for fear of being labeled pro-drunk driving. Krayton points out that one of the bills empowers a “police state” that would be in direct violation of our constitutional rights. I tend to agree and 15 more laws is the last thing we need.

Read the whole article on Krayton’s Website.


  1. Enforce the laws already on the books. I just read this week that a guy with his 12th DUI was finally going to jail. How will more laws help other than giving the police yet another excuse to pull you over and try to find something wrong?

  2. They are going to go plumb overboard on some issues.

  3. last year roughly half of the highway deaths in montana were dui involved...over 100 people.
    nothing short of bizarre...
    might as well let gunmen shoot 100 people with mostly no consequences.
    go with the swedish plan...
    two years for first dui...
    life if somebody dies.
    but even then...
    statistically would still have had 50 deaths last year.


  5. Per mile and per capita, Montana leads the nation in fatalities where alcohol is a contributing factor. Hey were #1

  6. I don't think we need umpteen new laws for DUI. I like the idea of the third DUI being a felony. Sad truth is the people that are getting more than one DUI don't care what you do to them. They only care about booze and nothing short of locking them up is going to stop them.