Monday, January 17, 2011

Salary Caps for State Employees?

We are going to be trying to keep everyone posted on some of the more interesting happenings occurring at the State legislature over the next week or so. This interesting suggestion was posted by Senator Dave Lewis over at the Rotunda Report.

Dave suggests that the legislature cap State employee salaries at a maximum of twice the median household income in the State of Montana. Dave says

"Setting the maximum salary at twice the median household income for the state comes out to around $85,000 for the cap. That may be seen as generous by some. One county in my Senate District had a median household income of $30,000 in 2008. Complaining that $85,000 isn’t enough probably will not play all that well in rural Montana."

What do you think of this idea?


  1. When did we get to the point that getting a state or federal job was like hitting the lottery.

  2. Cranky were you under the impression that elected people work for the public? Not any more we work for them, for their retirement for their wages/health care for life,and so they can squander our tax dollars over seas so we can show other countries how rich us americans are. To bad we can not take care of our own citizens like we help out others. The whole system is out of controle and there seems to be no way to fix it, it's to corrupt.

  3. many of our state workers are involved in contract letting...
    you can rest assured that they don't need no stinkin' salary.
    keep in mind that the role model for "public service" compensation is washing-down...
    so good luck on change.
    then again, let us focus on the banksters who use public money to give bonuses to the people who took it all down in the first place.
    they get something close to 30,000 times median wage.
    and we voted for it!

  4. Back in the day, public employees made a modest wage, somewhat less than what a person in the private sector made.
    They accepted the lower wage in exchange for more job stability than in the private sector. Plus they received a modest retirement. All and all not a bad deal.