Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Havre’s HD 33 Representative Kris Hansen is making a splash in Helena

It seems that local Representative Kris Hansen has been making a bit of a splash in her first term in Helena. We have been hearing reports that she is one of the few that reads every bill before voting and she has taken a no nonsense approach to moving legislation along. Today the Rotunda Report said;

“Representative Kris Hansen, from Havre, is one of the most exciting new freshmen legislators in the 2011 session.”
Congratulations Ms. Hansen from one of your proud constituents back home in Havre. For once I have finally voted for someone that hasn’t embarrassed me with idiotic views that seem to pop into most winning politicians heads the day after the election

Read the full Rotunda Report here.


  1. Great to hear that. Kris is one of the most qualified reps we have ever sent to Helena. I hope she makes us all proud of her.

  2. Kris Hansen represents the very person that needs to represent our district in Montana. If more people with her intelligence and desire to serve would step forward and run we would get something done in Montana and Washington. She will read and most of all in my experience with her she listens. We may not agree on every issue but she listened intently to understand why I believe what I believe and takes it into account with her decision making. It is nice to be proud of the representation of our area. You go girl!!!!

  3. Ditto what Nancy said

    Thank you Kris

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  5. so...
    hbm226 is an attempt to introduce more secrecy in government by sealing personnel records...
    from the people who pay the bills.
    where's the good?
    very republi-con.

  6. Personnel files are already sealed in most cases BIG JOHNSON. That’s why a certain unnamed fireman turned democrat politician never had the story break about getting caught banging some young lass on the fire chief’s desk while on night shift duty

  7. super...

    maybe it was for a pallet of 100s, no?
    if the files are already secrets...
    the bill must be for MORE secret???
    there is a vicious rumor that ms hansen worked for one of the scummiest organizations on the planet..
    maybe just a rumor...
    love your enthusiasm.

  8. Johnson which organization was that? The Montana National Guard, the Montana Supreme Court or Hill county?

    I am very proud of the work that Ms. Hansen is doing for us. If you have questions about HB 226 - have you asked her about it? I hear she returns emails.

  9. BIG JOHNSON why don't you start a blog so you can post all this wisdom and well researched facts for all to see instead of just being A BIG Johnson on this blog?

    I am sure you would draw hundreds of readers desperate for intellectual stimulus

  10. kate:

    there was a vicious rumor (haven't checked it...will leave that to superman)...
    that she had some role with that fine christian organization known as the see-yi-yay.

  11. hey SuPERMan.. just checkin to see if you like the name calling. johnson has alwasy blogged insightfull, thought provoking comments ... IF your able to understand...and from you i get a stupid rumor of sex on a desk. Quit trying to controll who can and cant blog. Johnson, i hope you stick around!

  12. There is a vicious rumor (I read it on a blog ...so you know it's true) that johnson likes to complain and speak half truths.

    Did you ask Ms. Hansen why she sponsored HB 226? - which by the way was tabled in committee two days ago. Maybe she was too busy talking on her shoe phone to answer your questions?

  13. kate...

    happy to hear the "half-truths"...

    missed the rule for this blog...
    you know...
    the one that requires it be a mutual admiration society.

    perhaps there is nothing in the greatest christian nation on the planet to complain about...
    tell that to the homeless, the soon to be homeless from the banksters, the jobless, the soon to be jobless as more and more jobs are outsourced.
    according to cnn, 14 states are petitioning courts to be released from pension obligations...(the gcnop has $70 trillion in unfunded obligations according, again, to cnn)
    there is constant prattle from the flunkies in washing-down to "privatize" social security...
    we "privatized" the iraq war, spent a trillion and still lost.
    so where would social security end up? kabul?
    here in hay-free and the state there is no money for infrastructure, schools, or pensions.
    if your life is ducky in the face of all this...
    trust your polly-tician...
    there's not much left to go...
    but they will get it all if the last few decades indicate anything.
    i don't pay a lot of attention to petty criminals in helena, but i mentioned the secrecy bill to someone who does and they asked me if i didn't remember her listing some flunkie role with the see-yi-yay.
    maybe it is bs...so many vicious rumors.

  14. Our local representative, Kris Hansen, is a ray of light in this Legislative session. Note to Hill and Blaine Counties: Wouldn't she be an excellent choice to replace Rowlie when he leaves the Senate on May 1?
    P.S.: Don't hold the support of this Democrat against Rep. Hansen's exemplary qualifications for the Montana Senate.
    Bill Thackeray