Friday, January 7, 2011

Hill County -- Home of the Dumb and Stupid

Havre and Hill County have always seemed to have more than our share of dim-bulbs but the guy in this story takes the cake. Jonathan Ray Gonsalez from Box Elder was in a car that was pulled over by Great Falls police and when asked his name used a false name that just happened to belong to a guy with several active arrest warrants. A search of Gonsalez revealed illegal drugs resulting in additional charges. Nobody ever said that the criminal element is intelligent.

On the bright side tho I noticed when I Goggled “Jonathan Ray Gonsalez” that the Tribune story written by staff writer Kimball Bennion has been picked up by news organizations all over the world making Gonsalez instantly infamous.


  1. Does he have any experience building steps for say a courthouse?

    Has he ever done any roofing? Perhaps he can be sentenced to community service.......

  2. You are making fun of my clientele. Of course, without people like him, I wouldn't have a job.

  3. Lets assume that because his last name is gonzales, that he is an illegal immigrant. Therefore he must have experience building steps, though im not sure about court house steps as i am quite sure that he avoids places where he could be arrested and deported. Now if you need your fence jumped over or perhaps wish to give away some of your money, im sure he would be a terrific choice!

    Obviously Im joking, but I bet you laughed, shame on you. Kind of. I do have a point though, I just wanted to provide more proof that America needs a real change, a shift in focus, from some guy who used a fake name to the real issues that affect our people the most. Like border security, corruption in government, unhealthy government practices that DO exist on ALL levels of government in many differant forms. America is running out of steam.......but i will remain hopeful