Wednesday, January 19, 2011

General “No Earmarks Ever” Tester taking Control of the Iraq Problem

You will be happy to know that self appointed General “No-Earmarks Ever” Tester is jetting off to Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen with two of his Democrat Capitol Hill bedfellows to take control of what is happening in our war time involvement in the mid-east. According to the Rhode Island Journal Tester will be traveling with Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island and Senator Carl Levin of Michigan. Interestingly this is Senator Reed’s 11th trip to Afghanistan and his 15th to Iraq. It appears if you don’t learn anything the first trip just keep bilking the taxpayers for more and more trips until you get some results.

Funny thing is I seem to recall that Tester campaigned on two things when he ran against Conrad Burns. First he was going to end the war by voting NO to war funding. In reality what he did was to vote for every war spending increase that the Messiah Obama brought to congress. Second he was going to be cleaning up the “culture of corruption” in Washington D.C. and he was going to start with eliminating all earmarks. We all know how that has been playing out. So what is this trip really all about? There is a suggestion over at The Hill that this trip may just “burnish” Tester’s tarnished image with the voters for his upcoming re-election campaign. Tester defends this trip by saying;
“The best way to get a picture of what’s happening in Iraq and Afghanistan is to go there myself and talk with the folks making the decisions and the folks with boots on the ground”
At this point Tester’s re-election prospects don’t look good and it seems other Democrats up for re-election in 2012 are simply jumping ship while they are still able to bow out with a little shred of dignity. Maybe Jon should bow out early also and save the taxpayers money spent campaigning under the guise of “fact finding” missions.


  1. themo-craps bow out...
    a republi-con gets sentenced to prison...
    it's all equal...
    testicle is doing the show for the corpse-rats that are scoring billions on the taxpayers in the name of your flag and safety...
    we have 535 scummies put in office by your favorite corpse-rat...
    if you run up short of expectations...
    oh, gee...

  2. Hey Johnson-

    I appreciate your comments, however, it would be alot easier on all of us if you ditched the cute "prose"

    Writing clearly helps everything, including the point you are attempting to make.

    It is like trying to read texting like kids write.

    This is the US -speak and write English!

  3. decon:

    not intending to stress anybody...
    it's just...
    the unreal nature of the whole gig.
    and a touch of contempt.

  4. I agree with DeConstructor

    Please Johnson quit with the made up words

    It is most difficult to understand your comments

  5. johnson--johnson-johnson
    you must remember that these tea-bag right wing nutcases only average a third grade education at best and are anti-hate challenged.

  6. there is a test of jumbled letters that my eighth grader brought home...
    only 52% of amelikans can read it...
    so, willie, we must be christian.

  7. We all made a mistake voting for Jon

    He will be a one termer

  8. I will vote for anyone running against this man. Daines, Burns,or even our own town idiot Willie

  9. The real crime is the free ride this idiot will get off the taxpayers after serving only one term. Wish I had a job that I could retire with full benefits after only 6 years of employment.

  10. dear optimists...

    you are being played for fools...
    the one party system presented as two...
    everybody knows the club rules shortly after they hit washing-down.
    replace testicle with the next sell-out.
    the system allows nothing else.