Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Obama Appoints “Carp” Czar

According to the Corruption Chronicles President Obama appointed John Goss as a fish Czar to oversee a $78.5 million dollar program to battle against an Asian Carp invasion of the Great Lakes.

Apparently the President wasn’t paying attention to the voter’s message in November.


  1. That is not a lot of money in the big picture, considering the devastation this specie can cause.

    These are very dangerous fish, and they have the potential to destroy the entire fishery of the east rockies drainage, and the great lakes.

    When you hear walleye enthusiasts speak harshly about northern pike, imagine those pike on steroids. These fish literally destroy everything in their wake.

    You did not mention where the money to finance this project came from. I would be interested, because if the money came from license fees, federal duck stamp income (these fish love baby ducklings) or fees and taxes on such things as outboard motor oil, then this may be a wise investment for the future of the public waters that we all own.

    The teabaggers jump at the spending of these monies, however, since we are the owners of these waterway assets, it should be the government to oversee the project, so that businesses with other motives do not get their grubby fingers in it.

  2. The tea baggers (as you like to negatively label them) are not against legitimate expenditures but I am sure they would be against paying someone $2-300,000 per year as a czar to oversee this eradication along with dozens of employees to help them

  3. i suppose it makes sense that someone who believes ddt is harmless would struggle with any environmental program,even if it saved or created jobs.
    and maybe "free marketers" think if we just leave it to the "market" the environment will have a favorable outcome...
    wasn't the berkeley pit a result of that kind of thinking? hanford? (we got any other "forever" polluted sites?).
    sure don't want any regulation...
    because we can trust the rich to do the right thing...
    we see it all the time.

  4. Jimbo- Yes it will take dozens, perhaps hundreds of people to do this job, and a lot of people to supervise, amd a lot of territory to cover. It is an investment in the public waterways of this country.

    Well Johnson-

    I think one could add the Gulf of Mexico to the forever devastated places, courtesy of the cost cutting and use of substandard equipment by BP.

    And, perhaps Captain Hazelwood might be a good environmental czar for the state of Alaska. He would probably work for less than than 250k a year.

  5. I'm sure there are a lot of people who will work hard to try and control this envasive species. But as per usual, instead of allowing the states to do the work with supplied funding available, the Feds have to get involved. All that will do is create a bunch of over paid Federal jobs, rather than get the money to the root of the problem.